Britain leaving the European Union.




In the latest installment of “have your cake and eat it”:

They are just not serious about a deal.


They’re crashing out alright. If you look you can see all the infrastructure is built in the ports in Dublin/Rosslare and France/Belgium/Netherlands already. The only issue is the border with NI. Maybe a deal can be done there…then again.


Have we built any new infrastructure in Dublin and Rosslare? Rosslare is fairly tiny, with one lane of traffic in and one lane out, not sure there is room to build anything new there of any significant size. And the problem remains that a huge amount of our exports/imports to/from the EU goes through the UK.


We’ve built loads. Dublin port is unrecognizable and trusted trade lanes have been built in Calais, Antwerp and Rotterdam for goods going to Ireland via UK. Huge numbers of staff have been trained and hired in the ports too. The new inter connector is going to be built with France in the next 3 years. Less dependence on England is a good thing for Ireland long term even if the adjustment period is difficult.


Nasty stuff. Can it get any worse?


Non story. The tory plan if you could call it such, is to crash out. If they wanted a deal they would have tabled proposals in writing to Barnier. Its not a bloody negotiation over the radio and media outlets. As one commentator put it their brains have long ago dribbled out their ass. Its like negotiating with hamas or north Korea.


This isn’t actually a problem.

Any shipments going towards mainland Europe through the UK need an international transit certification. This is easy to obtain. Essentially the container is sealed leaving Ireland and must remain sealed until it gets to France. When the lorry driver gets to Dover, or where ever, just verify that the seal is still intact. This is nothing to do with the EU and is rather an international treaty under the UN.

Seal the container, slap a sealing tag on the doors and problem solved.

Now, if the UK decide not to honor the international transit treaties, that is a different story altogether. In this case the UK will have gone full batshit insane.


You are ignoring two issues. First of all Ireland is a small market and stuff bound for us coming from Germany for instance is often just a small part of a container load that is primarily going to the UK. If stuff has to come to us from Germany in a separate container then that will increase transport costs and create more trucks on the road. Secondly a great deal of stuff coming to/from us is travelling through the same ports and roads as stuff going to/from the UK. If there are long tailbacks at Dover and Calais I haven’t heard of a plan where trucks coming to or from Ireland are going to be magically fast tracked in a special lane of the motorway.


You are getting well ahead of yourself comparing the current UK government to Hamas etc. Put yourself in the shoes of the hard Brexiteers and what they are doing now is fairly logical. From their perspective the UK led by May (a Remainer and a poor negotiator) was offered a fairly shit leave agreement by the EU. They don’t want to accept this deal but the EU are hanging tough. The current more right wing UK government have decided that they are not going to accept this deal and are using the leverage that they have to try and get some better terms.

And they do have some leverage - the €39 billion, the UK as a big market for the EU, the security information that the UK gleans and shares with the EU but above and beyond that the chaos that a no deal exit will create including the damage to Ireland. This is now a big boys ball game, the gloves are starting to come off as push comes to shove. However both sides seem to be trying to get down a ladder right now and I hope they succeed. Junckers recent statement that a the EU will require a what is often referred to in Ireland as a “hard” border to be put in place if the UK just ups and leaves can be taken as a statement of hard reality maybe even a coded warning of sorts.


Even the remainer parliament didn’t want to accept May’s deal.
We know the EU doesn’t ‘do’ listening. So no deal which is the default position voted on when Parliament overwhelmingly voted for Article 50 needs to concentrate the minds, which it is doing. Ireland needs to be part of this realpolitik, and ready to do business.


fairly logical?
It is a fanatic ideological to deliver the UK into the land of Narnia.
Best of luck not paying, could be viewed as a sovereign default or at a minimum a downgrade in bonds. I’m sure this would end up in the international commercial courts.
You call it a big boys ball game, but it is usually the big boy that comes out on top as the UK will find out when trying to negotiate with trump, EU, china etc.


It is fairly logical for the Brexiteers to pursue what they are doing in order to get a better deal given where we are right now. From their point of view, not mine, please re-read my post. They are following their English nationalist dream and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. They will have to fight their new path forward one battle at a time, their current one is with the EU, not with the US or China. Many in the EU will be quite happy to strike a new deal with the UK, to keep trade moving and to salvage as much of the €39 billion as possible.

More than 50% of the UK population still seem to support Brexit. The UK just doesn’t fit into the dream of an increasingly federal Europe and never will. Many here are simply in denial that the English could or should be allowed to leave the EU. History will tell whether they make a fist of it, they may well flounder and sink but alternatively perhaps it could re-energise them as a nation, who’s to know?


Which is exactly why i called them akin to Hamas, fundamentalist chasing the perfect brexit (in their heads) but maybe you have a point, i was pushing an analogy too far. Really they are more akin to the PLO.

Regardless , it appears Baldrick Johnson steps in his own manure again


Déjà vu


all over again…


Yea, its time to #IMPEACH Boris. His use of Russians bots to flood the facebook feed of Mum, forcing her, against her own will and better judgment, to use her power to prorouge the UK Parliament is outrageous and unprecedented, nothing short of Treason!

FFS His hair is a weapon of mass distraction! He is literally Churchill!



Strange ruling. It seems to focus on the length of the proroging rather than the act itself.

Surely there has to be an election at this point?


an election, your havin a larf mate


I wouldn’t pretend to know (or care) more than the supreme courts but a unanimous decision would suggest that the decision is clear and of some significance.

No election until Baldrick submits an extension to brexit.