Britain leaving the European Union.



In fairness to Boris, he is one of the few people who could possibly sell a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal as being a proper Brexit, during which he pulled down the pants of the frogs and the krauts.


I was listening to the FT election podcast and they made this very point. Boris somehow is not seen as causing the Beexit debacle, nor does he seem to be affected by the fact the Tories are in power 9 years already…its like the clock has been restarted in the view of many voters.


I would say that this is a very likely outcome!


That what you get from the billionaires who own and control the current media landscape. The BBC too are afraid of their own financial shadow or alternatively are not so closet tories aka Laura k.

Even most of the vox pop of locals pick out new tories voters who seem unaware of the last 9 years


Poland may have to leave EU, Supreme Court warns
Poland could have to leave the EU over its judicial reform proposals, the country’s Supreme Court has warned.

The proposals would allow judges to be dismissed if they questioned the government’s judicial reforms.

Judges say the proposals threaten the primacy of EU law and could be an attempt to gag the judiciary.

Poland has already been referred to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) regarding rules for judges.

Under the proposals put forward by the socially conservative Law and Justice party government, judges can be punished for engaging in “political activity”.

Any judge that questioned the legitimacy of judges nominated by the National Council of the Judiciary could be handed a fine or in some cases dismissed.

Politicians will start discussing the proposals on Thursday.

The ruling party claims changes to the law are needed to tackle corruption and overhaul the judicial system, which it says is still haunted by the communist era. But the EU accused Law and Justice (PiS) of politicising the judiciary since it came to power in 2015.

The Supreme Court said the party was undermining the principle of the primacy of EU law over national law. It said in a statement: “Contradictions between Polish and EU law… will in all likelihood lead to an intervention by EU institutions regarding an infringement of EU treaties, and in the longer run [will lead to] the need to leave the European Union.”

It also said the proposed bill was “evidently” designed to allow President Andrzej Duda to pick a new head of the court before a presidential election which is expected in May.

The court’s chief justice, Professor Malgorzata Gersdorf, likened the governing party’s proposals to the days of martial law in 1981 in communist Poland.


Losing one member is unfrtunate, losing two would be a bit careless, the EU needs to learn that a federation cannot work while nation states expect to retain some autonomy on their national laws and culture.


Maybe thats the point, the EU is an empire in federation clothing…

It hasn’t gone away you know…


There may be trouble ahead…


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:slight_smile: The End Of the Beginning. :uk:

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