Britain refuses to back EU bailout of Greece

According to Dunphy on Newstalk breaking news Britain refuses to back bailout a figure of $60bn was mentioned

Closest I could find to a link, implications for markets, exchange rates?? … id=4077317

Hardly surprising. They’ve other concerns at the minute.

As they are not in the Euro, do they have to ?

Good thing Ireland will have robust representation at these “emergency talks” :unamused:

You mean Man Utd/Chelsea??? everything else is more of the same

Britain doesn’t have a government at the moment. Who is making such decisions?

NWO whoopsie :smiley:

This is seperate to the Greek bailout, its for any potential next crisis.

And the UK government remains the same until the Queen’s speech vote.

Sure, but Britian’s budget deficit is proportionally greater than Greece’s , and their not in the eurozone, so I’m thinking this is low priority.

I thought this thing was majority rules so they’ve no choice?

From the Guardian


Right Alistair Darling, as the joint fourth largest contributor to the IMF, (behind the US (17.9%), Japan (6.12%) then Germany (5.98), and tied with France (4.94%) based on Quota) does that mean the UK will try to stop its contributions being used in support of the Euro? … Thought not.

What rubbish, it’s just intended for domestic consumption.

The Eurozone support/aid/bailout package is still intact.

Blue Horseshoe

IMF Quota info

Europe tells Britain not to ask for help in a crisis … risis.html

Nice :angry:

France is still upset at Cameron and Osborne’s cracks about hidden dwarfs and Sarkozy boxes. :open_mouth:

well i think both sides have a point

how the fuck can a bankrupt country be expected help bailout another bankrupt country?

Why the fuck should anybody help the brits when they go under? They mstill cling to their notions of empire, they are trying to rob Argentine oil FFS.