🇬🇧 Britons Vs The Menace

That could go, well, viral.
You Nazi.

Just this again :woman_shrugging:

Ratings will be :key:. Everyone must turn on.

There is something seriously wrong with the curriculum in schools if the only insult they can come up with time and time again is nazis. They need help, as after all, all they need is a good strong insult.

Kaboom. Who knew wha?

Lineker back now



When your moral stance is taken down by a boxing promoter…

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The net inward migration in 2022 of 1/2M in the UK - show has only just started.



An MP’s speech in the House of Commons.

Removed by YouTube. For breaking ‘community guidelines’


Humza Yousaf becomes Scottish First Minister

So that’s Rishi Sunak UK PM
Humza Yousaf Scottish First Minister

Leo Varadkar Irish Taoiseach

On these islands.

Maybe the North is next. :thinking:

Where would we be without the aul diversity, wha? :whistle:


Sure, what they really need up there is a Muslim on one side and a Hindu on the other!

Seekh and ye shall find. Kinda thing

Best not be giving them ideas.

He’s white apparently…

JBP has gone a bit mad lately