Brits Furious/Irish Contagion Spreading - Daily Wail

Potentially a brilliant idea here - let’s hoodwink others into trying to absorb the ultimate losses that the State will face 8DD

That would be one hell of a scam.

Walk into BoI UK & open an account with a tenner. Then apply for an overdraft, how much ?, the nice bank manager asks, about £85,000,000,000 should do the trick says you :angry: :nin


Really, really old news. The BoI Post Office Joint Venture, known as POJV internally, has been around and operational for years. Both sides have been reasonably happy, albeit despite the Bank’s disastrous investment in the Accenture disaster that was the Alnova new core banking platform. For example, see … t-venture/.

This piece of reheated news is so old it is like a very small, shrivelled microwaved pea.