Brits want to sell UB to Paddy


Only about double or so the mortgage prices in other Eurozone countries like in Belgium ……04709152919554


Ulster Bank sued by Larkins over massive interest swaps deal - Sarah McCabe -> … 19353.html


Not sure if it’s been mentioned here already but, UB is winding down its lease on the HQ building. Not long left to go.


Any idea who owns it ?
Hope they didn’t re-mortgage during the boom.


Iirc Cosgraves built it, wouldn’t surprise me if they still own it

Edit: Yes. Quite the developer tenant bank love triangle … 19089.html


Yeah, Ulster Bank have shut their branch beside their HQ in recent weeks. Another branch closure.

Most of the UB HQ operation is moving to Leopardstown.


They never owned that building and they’ve sold and leased back some of their other high profile ones too afaik so at least they are getting on with things right? :neutral_face:


After all that, RBS might be staying put …

RBS expected to commit to Ulster Bank after review … -1.1945969


[*RBS cuts 800 million pounds from provision pot as economy improves * (


RBS on Ulster Bank: we have got to find an answer for shareholders … 54592.html


Ulster Bank to close business hubs with job losses expected … -1.1966080


I am a UB business customer and I have no clue what their “Business Hubs” are.


Are they the stupid call centres that mean you can’t return a call when someone from your branch calls you? If so, good riddance. Rude arrogant little shits…


No, I think that’s the “Branch Support Team” and they’re somewhere in the UK. And yes, they annoy the piss out of me too.


If you have a loan with UB, would they be open to offering a discount to repay it off in one go ?


More branch closures as banking continues to move online …

Ulster Bank to close 14 branches next March … -1.2010441


I asked them a couple of years back and was told no. Let me know if you hear to the contrary.


ARe they doing an NIB/Danske on this and saying they are committed to the Irish market until there have been so many cuts that it is obvious to everyone that they are pulling out.


This latest branch cull is about the ongoing migration of transactions online, the reduction of cash banking and cutting costs as opposed to an exit strategy.

I was recently told that RBS have plans to be largely be branch-less by 2020 with all transactions online and mortgage approvals via video calls.


It’s the direction all Irish banks are heading in. Branch closures in areas with reducing footfall, reductions in cash services, reductions in cheque usage, increase in self service technology, expanded online banking options, increased direct or remote services via telephone. I worked in a large bank branch that once had 7 teller points open and within 5 years could barely justify having 2 open. People genuinely don’t use bank branches near as much any more. Part of that is customer driven and part of it is driven and accelerated by bank strategies. Cash services are also being migrated to the post offices, who are hungry for the business.