Brits want to sell UB to Paddy


Building recently changed owner:

Also mentioned here:


Ferbane protests over closure of town’s only bank … -protests/


Take a virtual tour of Ferbane on Google Maps. It’ll last all of a minute.


On the other hand, take a tour of Ferbane’s pubs and it will take you the whole evening and you will be absolutely blotto by closing time!


Isn’t Ferbane home to the power station where the lads clocked in for ages without any power being produced?


I heard a local on the radio saying Ulster Bank have a “social responsibility” to stay open.



I wonder how many of them supported bailing out the banks.


Cleared by whom? … -1.2044597


Hey don’t knock it. They’re more likely to be found guilty by their own lawyers than by an Irish court. :confused:


More rural protests over Ulster Bank closures … … -1-6526586


Ulster Bank to speed up sale of its remaining toxic loans - -> … 46267.html


Royal Bank of Scotland eyes 99 more branch closures … z3QoKpU39h


Ulster Bank makes first profit since financial collapse - -> … 23644.html


I just recieved my statement of bank charges this morning. I’m certainly not surprised that Ulster Bank is making a profit.


All the banks are back in profit, in no small part due to the lower impairment charges


Three more Ulster Bank branches closed today … ose-today/


Ulster Bank posts sharp drop in operating profits for 2015 … k-results/


Sharp drop in impairment releases is really the headline here. Eventually you have to start running out of impairment releases in the banks, they are not a ‘normal’ item that should be driving financial performance.

With strong BOI results earlier in the week (which drew little to no comment/attention) the banks are finally reporting sustainable profits again. Of course that is portrayed as a bad thing by everyone from michael martin to richard boyd barrett, but it means they have stopped crying to the taxpayer for money, and indeed starting to look to pay the exchequer back some dividends in the next year.


For the ignorant, what is an ‘impairment release’?


When the banks were taking huge losses, they weren’t all cash losses; mostly they were an increase in money set aside for future impairments (so loans going bad and the likely loss on them). With some of those loans now cured/restructured, they can reverse some of the set aside money for losses; as it counted for a loss before, it now accounts for a profit.

edit: or maybe that should be “as” instead of “for”