Brits want to sell UB to Paddy


I think making off with TDs is generally classified as kidnapping, rather than burglary.
That said, could you persuade them to take the whole lot? :laughing:


From The Irish Examiner, 22nd Oct 2013;



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Dilemma over future of Ulster Bank … z2iYvifJmq


George Osborne prepares to relaunch Royal Bank of Scotland - via @FT

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Wait a second … This does not mean that Ulster Bank is saved.

Sky News reporting that Bain & Co to carry out a review of Ulster Bank for RBS.

There is going to be both a bad bank announcement and a ‘review of Ulster’ announcement tomorrow.

The review could recommend the closure of Ulster Bank in the Republic of Ireland.


Is there room for a bank that just does money handling? That doesn’t do mortgages or business loans?


hmmm, focus on UK retail
RBS plans to refocus on retail as part of overhaul - via @FT


No but the UK government were too scared to announce the closure of Ulster Bank due to the political sensitivities of the situation.

Hence, the UK government have employed Bain & Co, Mitt Romney’s company, to do the dirty work for them.

Bain & Co know how to slash and burn. They will do the obvious and recommend an Ulster Bank closure.


Bain and Co aren’t Romney’s company. He used to work there but they’re a partner owned consultancy like McKinsey. Bain Capital is Romney’s co.

The bad loans are a sunk cost so I don’t think its a given that they’ll throw away all the value in their branch network


Good news this morning. For me at least. Didn’t want having to switch to KBCI or PTSB.


I’m in the middle of switching my personal current account at least to PTSB. I had that account since I was 8 years old :cry:

Have a joint U first account which I don’t mind paying the fixed charge on due to the added bonuses with that account such as the phone insurance. I don’t need two of them though.


They’ll go the way of NIB; with no support from their parent they’ll be picked off by the duopoly that remains in the Irish banking market.


Ulster Bank are the best I have dealt with in Ireland. It would be a shame to see them go. AIB are a disgrace. I’ve not much experience with BOI.


Newsnight BBC 2 now


feckin out in the Aunts whats the story ??


Thanks Mantissa,


My guess all along is that they will stay with the intention of being eventually bought by a ‘white knight’ (edited).
Unlike Dankse, they are the 3rd largest bank in the country and hence, a prime takeover target.
Their branch network along with substantial client base makes them very attractive.

Now if only there was someone out there looking to buy a bank with exposure to this fair isle.


The question remains open as to what efficiencies Bain & Co suggest for UB when they report in February 2014.

Also, when the UK government stake is sold, RBS will be less susceptible to political decisions, which might lead to changes in heart.

If the Danske, BoSI and ACC Bank departures can teach us anything it is that “we are committed to Ireland” often means the opposite.

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job losses on the cards

the article isn’t great. it’s a given that people are going to loose their jobs. it will amount to a thousand or two.