Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock

Interested to see if there are any up to date impressions of Brookfield Terrace in Blackrock? Looking through older posts there are a number with some very negative anecdotes about the area but all from 2011/2012 so not exactly current. Has anything changed?

That Blackrock terrace looks like a version of Coronation Street and the blurb in the for sale ad looks like its a piss take written by Waterford Whispers. The house seem to have been done up to a pretty high standard and perhaps the area will become gentrified over time but at the end of the day its a 1100 sq. ft terraced house on Coronation Street for sale at €595k. Much better relative value and peace of mind are available elsewhere methinks.

house looks nice but despite the fact paddy mckillens son has seemingly managed to sell 4 1m euro houses here i wouldnt buy in that location. its the one really dodgy pocket of blackrock and while it maybe isnt unsafe its relatively rough

“The accommodation briefly comprises of a living room…”

I think the boys at WW can English write good a little better than that.

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