Brother Number One, Brother Number Two....

Ah but the graphics, we’d spend months poring over each of them… and then pouring over each of them.

As was seen last sunday, in order to be an independent economist, it is not enough to have some catchy slogans and funny cartoons, you also have to have stand up comedy nights, which no one goes to. Who here wouldn’t pay to see WGU do stand up, so there’s just no reality to him being an independent economist.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

One night only!

An Irish version of The Aristocrats:

… we call ourselves … The Bankers!
… we call ourselves … The Politicians!
… we call ourselves … The Developers!
… we call ourselves … The Media!


Very good OW :laughing:

Excellent OW, i have been thinking about this i thing we should all try to bash a few of these up and lash them out to facebook etc its no harm, a few posters around town is not a bad idea also, i have a mad idea for one will work on it later…

Did with it what you will. Print it out stick it where you like. Customise the message with URL or a better “misson” byline.
Let it flow. Have fun be in control enjoy creativity and your own powers.

you know something i will do, your one is perfect though im going to bash up another one okayish on photoshop…

Alan “Anglo” Dukes on Primetime:

Intro: - RealPlayer required
Studio: - RealPlayer required

Whole Programme: - RealPlayer required - GeoIP’d to Ireland and expires in 21 days

RTE Player one is not restricted to Ireland. though does expire.

Yeah - they’ve changed it - seems the domestic stuff (especially news) is cleared globally and then the other stuff doesn’t appear.

Click on the A-Z catagories gives different results depending on location.

For example:

Lost is there if you’re in Ireland but not if you’re in the States. Can’t be arsed figuring what else they “hide”.

Anyway, the good news is that Alan “Anglo” Dukes is available to a global audience to show his “honesty”. … 14823.html

The “us” in this context is probably not clear on the first listen.

Its a Charter for Cronies and they have their Duke to represent their interests.
Plan is to split the bank into a bad Bank and then a Business (as usual) Bank.
Barely an eyelid bat in the studio. Well done RTE your masters must be proud.

100% true, and lets see what the corrupt state officials and their organ the Gardai do about it.
It’s still important to keep the association with the bank as they have collective responsibilty and should be punished collectively.
Anyway, it would have worked out cheaper for my to lose me 4 figure savings in Irish Banks than to bail them out, I think they should have been slammed into the wall. … 66579.html … 72407.html

Peter Bacon appointed as adviser to NAMA!