Brussels Trying To Prevent A Collapse Of The Euro (Spiegel)

Apparently this is from Speigel but I can’t verify that.
Posting the whole article 'cos I don’t have time to edit it.

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looks like the German govt can live with a bankrupt Greece.

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I keep saying it. The Germans would, I believe, be delighted to have a mini blow up in Greece to knock the euro down a peg or two. The whole article reeks of it. It matters little that you import inflation when bargaining power is low, demand for commodities (with other currencies) is low. In this circumstance, you are competing on export price, so you need to protect your home country margins. Should demand for commodities increase (thereby pushing up their price), you want a stronger currency because it keeps your import costs stable and it shows that there’s plenty of money sloshing about so you can afford for your exports to be a bit more expensive. Meanwhile, you want to keep you populance with roughly the same standard of living through all of this - the goldilocks standard of living.

Public Finances in EMU 2009 → … 390_en.pdf

Nobody adheres to the stability pact.

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This is singly the most frightening declaration that I’ve seen in all of what I’ve been reading in recent months.
Here’s what I’m picking up:
Debt is not now debt as we know it.
In fact there will be two types of debt:
Debt Type A and Debt Type B

Debt Type A is for the “little people” and Debt Type B is for “the great and the good people”.

By my definition “little people” = a person who pays paye tax, works for a living, has a mortgage on a house, is not an owner of land or businesses or corporations is not a member of a gang of thieves. If you are a member of the “little people” class the you will be given a credit rating by “the great and the good people” and you will in effect be enslaved to them through debt usery.
Additionally, by my definition “the great and the good people” are politicos, corporation owners, the connected classes, the hoi poli, the beautiful people, those who are considered “too important to fail”, large corporations, large banks, governments, the upper classes of special note etc. etc. You will be entitled to non personal guarantee loans and be entitled to sit on boards of useless forgotten about quangos and earn cushy money for doing nothing for ever and all of your immediate family members will too benefit.

I’m sure that I need to refine these definitions a little later but for now they will do.

Debt Type A is owed by the “little people” and must be paid back, or if not paid back you will suffer through legal methodology or imprisonment or other government or corporate enforcement.

Debt Type B is spent by “The Great and The Good People” (I think it works best if this group are given capitals for effect!) and never has to be paid back. They will be entitled to access limitless quantities of Debt Type B as long as they remain members of “The Great and The Good People” class.

Social division, Pigs (TGATG) and pawns (TLP).
Special treament for the Pigs and debt slavery for the pawns.

I’m too upset to continue but I think that in summary we’ve got a new facism growing here where the TGATG are literally making up the rules to suit themseves.

The lesson from the past is that they’ve always done this, those member so TGATG class, and now they are simply doing it again.
Revolution on a mass scale is the only hope. All out Civil War.

I thought that Europe would have had some moral financial sense. Not based on these comments they don’t. The rottenness is massive throughout the system.

I sat thru a terrible movie, years ago. the name of it eludes me, but the premise was that a giant asteroid was heading for earth and would wipe out all life on the planet, A plan was put together to build a giant space ship which would hold about a million people and set of for this preeviously discovered Nirvana type planet, The great and the good fought like pigs for a ticket on this Noahs Ark and eventually the million most powerful/most corrupt people on the planet took off, fingers in the air to the rest of us. Turned out there was no asteroid and the Nirvana was a cold desolate rock with no way to return.
It was an awful movie, but it doesn’t seem like a bad idea right now.
Although one wonders how long before a new elite would rise.

That reminds me of the Golgafrincham ‘B’ ark. This type of solution has been suggested as a good idea to study and set up a committee about on the pin before.

I call dibs on security officer.


Unfortunately, you’ve nailed it. Debt type A needs to be repaid in cash, Type B is given more so payments can continue. This has been going on hundreds of years & the same scam still works today due to it’s complexity.

G Edward Griffin sums it up very well in his book “The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve”
If your not into buying his book & want the short story, he has a lecture on it here

A few years ago this would be conspiracy theory shit, but now, it’s happening. :imp: