Bubble Breeds Arrogance Among Builders

Neighbours are putting in a two storey extension onto the side of their 4 bed semi in No 1 Sorrel Park, (bloody awful looking yoke btw, the two semi d’s now look lopsided with this thing hanging off one end)

Builders had a crane in lifting girders this morning at 6 f**cking 30 am
Last week it was a cement truck at the same time on a saturday morning
They were running a kango one other morning before sunup
Each time they woke up my two kids (and more importantly her indoors)

Confronted the foreman and he said that he was supposed to start at 8am but to give him a chance as it was only a once off (lying prick), then some mongoloid in a hivis vest emerged out of a portokabin and in his best midlands accent stated “dere was no kan-goh runnin at dat time of duh mornin around hee-or”. Then the crane driver smirked and comes out with “well, the cranes goin now” (i think he must have been the brains of the operation)

I don’t suppose I have any rights do I? Was gonna ring Fingal CoCo, then thought about the local TD (Varadkar) and then the good ole Blanch Plod but what is the f**ckin point.

These hoors are running the country anyway and you might as well be wavin your mickey at the Iranians while wearing a CND T shirt. Was so bloody mad that I videod them on my mobile, can’t believe that I sank to such Percy Sugden methods. I can’t get over the sheer arrogance of them, my blood is still boiling now 2 hours later :imp:

What am I going to do lads?

Sue the homeowner for the nuisance, make sure all the neighbours affected do the same.

the mongoloids are working for the homeowner who is evidently not exercising any restraint or showing any neighbourliness.

Get a bounciing castle in the back garden and send your kids out to play on it at 5:30am… on a Sunday… after inviting your lovely neighbours over for a few drinks the night before… and not letting them leave until they’ve drank a bottle of vodka, 24 cans of beer and 12 shots of Sambuca…


I think you get the picture!!! :laughing:

Best way to record things like this is video Aertel and the time and date then keeping the camera running walk ot the front door and video the scene recording all the vans and reg’s and such. Could be handy in proving your case.

Aertel! (D’OH)

The one thing I didn’t think of…

Would probably have got distracted by the gigi’s page anyway :cry:

Cheers for that

Get a set of good earplugs. Absoutely essential for those of use who live in modern irish apartments that have no sound insulation but still cost 400k. One night a week theres an alarm going off in our complex. Its a simple equation, no earplugs equals no rest.


citizensinformation.ie/categ … egulations

Similar problem next door to me. Get hold of his planning permission, if the development is in a residential area there is usually a clause in there limiting noise. In our case it was 45dbs before 8am and after 6pm and no more than 55dbs between 8am and 6pm. A Kango will be a lot more than 45 db. trouble is you will need to get the enforcement section of your Planning Dept. on to this guy and that can be quite hard. I threatened to involve Health & Safety Authority (various breaches were obvious) if he didn’t show some consideration. The noise before 8 stopped. Ringing his doorbell continuously at 7.00 am when I had been woken up to discuss it also helped even though he wouldn’t answer the door- he got the message :smiling_imp:

well, the actual owners of the house arrived on my doorstep in person a couple of days later and made a personal apology to her indoors (I was out shooting grouse from the back of my range rover - as if)

they apologised profusely and claimed they knew nought of what their contractor was up to, plus the hubby left his business card - he’s director of a mortgage provider no less - one of the new emperor’s in this society so.

it heartens me that, for once, standing up for yourself actually works in this bullying, me fein, hi-vis vest, 4x4 parody of a society that the evil ones in Leinster House have allowed to fester uncontrolled for the past 10 years

social responsibility and “Bowling Alone” my arse-plug Bertram, I’d love the people to rise up and do a French Revolution tapdance on your ass, although instead of peasants carrying you to the guillotine, in the interests of poetic justice I’d hire a burly young builder with a hard on for political bum-poontang to pound rolls of unmarked sterling banknotes up your jacksie with a big yellow kango - I wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow, even if he was doing it at 630am :slight_smile:

i’m off to rent out Charles Bronson in Death Wish - time to get in character…