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What it says on the tin.

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Hey where are all ther old posts from the Matt Cooper sticky7, did you not just rename it? ALl those links :frowning:

The thread is still around.

I don’t remember any links.

I thought it was cleaner this way.

Allegedly ( I havent heard yet) they were on about the quality of property built here in the past few years on the Matt Cooper Show around 5.45pm today

Starts at 8.30pm don’t know when it was made, and I think it used to be sponsored by a mortgage company but might be worth a look

I think I caught a bit of that. Uh oh, scary telly, shouldn’t be on so early think of the kids!Young woman bought a place in Herbeton, near Fatima Mansions (? any one got any prioce drops, jesus I felt paniced as she handed over the cheque, oh the humanity) for around 370K won’t get the place till 2008!!! :confused: Yet another SFRARTGOPL (Single Female Renting A Room To Get On Property Ladder, perhpas we could call these group Single White Females) SWF.

Looks like the Show was recorded either summer 06 or in the last 2 months. Seemingly its a changed market :wink: I didn’t get it all to understand what they were implying.

Terrible programe, the advice is rubbish, the presentors are brutal (I’ve watched it before) your wan with the black hair and posh accent is hopeless, I mean all she does is go around opening wardrobes & doors. How fucking hard is that! I wonder are property presenters rank beside EA & the rest :wink:

Heres the link anyway


To paraphrase the Chap on the left (see link) in tonights programe (09.05.07) “you wouldn’t notice the extra 5K on the mortgage” when advising on what to offer 365K or 370K (the asking price) “we’ve been told by the EA that 370K will take it off the market…” what the feck does that mean! An absolute disaster of a human being, I’m sorry but how do these people get jobs in RTE, its like its policy to hire airheads.

They parade a single FTB who somehow has an unexplained source of 400k to spend, in my view a wealthy high earning individual who is a tiny minority of the FTB demographic can afford a sum of money like that.

I thought the ‘professional investor’ chap was hilarious.

He says FTB’s have been ‘holding back’ for a year and its time they came back.
Nothing mentioned about affordability and as if they all won the lotto or something and they’ll all come back like the seven dwarfs singing hi-hi hi-ho off to buy we go!

Message of that programme is that there will always be someone foolish enough to part with big sums of money without doing any level headed research and those presenters were hardly ‘advising’!

This sums it up in a nutshell.
Another little ftb to the slaughter and to kill it all it wasn’t even her money to part with in the first place…
And it all actually has to be paid back with interest…

The best part was when they were looking around some fixer-upper in Crumlin and literally the bastard said…

“And in a few years you can do an equity withdrawal and do up the place properly…”



What a feckin’ cheeky bastard!!! :unamused:

Hey TUG, some excellent material here for that docu-movie.
Any idea who’s for the assistant editors job?

I’d recommend Comical for “lighting” now that he’s removed the blinkers :unamused:

There is a live webchat with the woman from the househunters show at 1pm today. I wonder will many bearish questions be allowed.


Is it possible to actually view the show - is there a link anywhere

The advice so far on the House Hunters web chat is buy, buy, buy!

Bye. :smiley:

What kind of bullshit is this?
Liz, the government lost complete control of the property market years and years ago and thats why we have 330,000 empty houses blighting the countryside
Its the biggest waste of resources by far by any government in the history of the state and if the government failed to control the market on the way up they haven’t an asses roar hope of controlling it now that it’s in freefall.
Please refrain giving bullshit advice to innocent ftbs that actually believe that you have a clue what your talking about.

From RTE webchat:

Liz O’Kane: “I believe that property prices within County Dublin with good infrastructure to the city centre will certainly hold it’s own. We will not see double digit capital appreciation for a while, but the market will eventually come back. Adamstown seems like a good bet. Its very popular because of the above.”

At this stage, how could anyone take this advice seriously?

My favourite thus far:

Yeah its a riot Liz. I’m sorry but this kind of opinion being advanced as expertise is utterly disgraceful and disturbing I’m sure Liz is well meaning, but the quality of advice is poor the depth of analysis nonexistent and some of the comments are plain wrong. If the subject matter was trivial I suppose the flippant gormlessness would be forgivable, but this is a deadly serious subject. :angry:

Let’s get this straight. Any variable (temperature, cost of chocolate, house prices, dollar/euro) that is plotted against (say) time can either have a well known formula (I get older linearly w.r.t. time, for example), or stay the same (distance Dublin to London) or wander about inconsiderately (most things). It is NOT CYCLICAL when it wanders about. (Unless that is what we mean by cyclical, which would be another way of saying we don’t know.)

In the case of house prices I think we DO know that:-

  1. lowering interest rates and lending criteria heralds a bubble
  2. bubbles burst.

I think what is meant by cycles is ups and downs.
It being a “cycle” is just the description of a perception.

There was definitely one or two property pin questions there !!