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Coming up now on Sean O’Rourke show:
The farmer who had his cattle sold yesterday in the forced sale by ACC, with Jerry Beades & Co protesting otuside


Sinn Fein TD on the radio this morning talking about cost overruns for modular homes and asking that councils be allowed spend the money on buying existing stock instead

Those figures would be a great political point scoring opportunity if you completely ignore the fundamentals that adding housing stock does something to alleviate the housing crisis whereas adding competition for a scarce resource greatly exacerbates it.


That link reports them as temporary buildings, but are they not permanent buildings using modular construction which will be used to temporarily house those in need of a more permanent solution…probably not as snappy


We need a new word to describe the Irish version of modular housing


IIRC there was a good insight towards the end of this programme - something along the lines of housing should be used to house people, not treated as an investment. Or used as a method to get ordinary citizens - through higher house prices - to keep the country’s entire financial system afloat.


There was a guy on morning Ireland the other day from DIT, Lorcan Sur (?), I liked the cut of his jib, he was commenting on property related stuff…about vulture funds evicting tenants, he said the problem was with security of tenure rather than with property owners selling their assets and a few others points well made


Newstalk have a piece now on the difficulty of finding a place to rent in Dublin


Oh my God is anyone listening to these muppets on Primetime calling for rent allowance rises?


No point in having a landlord’s dole if it is only 50% of market rent


Rent allowance rises have been agreed as part of the FF/FG pact. It’s a done deal. Circa 15% rise. Despite the commissioned report recommending against any rise. The rise will be announced soon.


Throwing petrol on the fire


Or how many TDs are landlords :angry:

Well at least they are doing their best to help the poor :sick:


Coming up on Newstalk…Master of the High Court, Ed Honohan talks about how we could CPO the 90,000 houses at risk from Vulture Funds!!!

edit- to my untrained legal ear, it sounds like the Judiciary is overstepping it’s mark vis a vis the Separation of Powers


Simon Coveney now on Radio1 discussing Housing



“Contrary to a misconception sometimes held, neither the Master of the High Court nor the Taxing Masters are members of the judiciary. They are what are known as quasi-judicial office holders.”


He should change his title so :blush:


Firetrap Homes: TV3 Investigates Monday 2100
Journalist Mick Clifford investigates questionable building practices during the Celtic Tiger period, looking at fire safety and the standard of construction of housing and examining how seriously the authorities are taking the situation.


Just on radio 1 there was a 10 minute promo/propaganda piece by David Hall. Unchallenged even encouraged in his outrage by Sean, Hall worked himself up to 9 on the angry scale.
Can’t we just buy 100,000 mortgages and then let folk rent off the state!!!

I’d love to see the arrears projections on that


Excellent programme, but seriously disturbing. Be very frightened of timber-framed houses and apartments. No-one is responsible for fire-trap homes (least of all Government or local authorities) and new legislation is required. Building certification is very efficient in Northern Ireland and very inefficient and expensive south of the border.

Expect total silence and inaction from Simon Coveney.


newstalk.com/Dysfunctional-r … David-Hall

“Dysfunctional” repossession system only reason we haven’t seen more evictions - David Hall

Meanwhile, a Government TD says even people on large salaries cannot afford mortgages or rent at the moment.

Fine Gael’s Bernard Durkan told the committee that the fallout of the property bubble is still being felt.

He said that even TDs - who earn around €90,000 a year - cannot afford to get mortgages at the moment.