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Or how many TDs are landlords :angry:

Well at least they are doing their best to help the poor :sick:


Coming up on Newstalk…Master of the High Court, Ed Honohan talks about how we could CPO the 90,000 houses at risk from Vulture Funds!!!

edit- to my untrained legal ear, it sounds like the Judiciary is overstepping it’s mark vis a vis the Separation of Powers


Simon Coveney now on Radio1 discussing Housing



“Contrary to a misconception sometimes held, neither the Master of the High Court nor the Taxing Masters are members of the judiciary. They are what are known as quasi-judicial office holders.”


He should change his title so :blush:


Firetrap Homes: TV3 Investigates Monday 2100
Journalist Mick Clifford investigates questionable building practices during the Celtic Tiger period, looking at fire safety and the standard of construction of housing and examining how seriously the authorities are taking the situation.


Just on radio 1 there was a 10 minute promo/propaganda piece by David Hall. Unchallenged even encouraged in his outrage by Sean, Hall worked himself up to 9 on the angry scale.
Can’t we just buy 100,000 mortgages and then let folk rent off the state!!!

I’d love to see the arrears projections on that


Excellent programme, but seriously disturbing. Be very frightened of timber-framed houses and apartments. No-one is responsible for fire-trap homes (least of all Government or local authorities) and new legislation is required. Building certification is very efficient in Northern Ireland and very inefficient and expensive south of the border.

Expect total silence and inaction from Simon Coveney.


newstalk.com/Dysfunctional-r … David-Hall

“Dysfunctional” repossession system only reason we haven’t seen more evictions - David Hall

Meanwhile, a Government TD says even people on large salaries cannot afford mortgages or rent at the moment.

Fine Gael’s Bernard Durkan told the committee that the fallout of the property bubble is still being felt.

He said that even TDs - who earn around €90,000 a year - cannot afford to get mortgages at the moment.


David Hall AND Ross Maguire coming up on Claire Byrne Live on rte1 now, to discuss the housing crisis!


ROss Maguire is impressive


Maguire really laid into Hall there about his scaring people and ridiculous talk of Vulture lovers.
Of course the Audience is stacked with Hysterical types

Maguire’s big idea- a moratorium on house sales it seems. He wants no Tenants removed from a house even if it’s sold and believes the Govt should legislate for same


I felt Claire Byrne’s intro was terrible.
I’m fed up of the media blending the issues of the rental crisis, and homelessness.
People become homeless for many reasons - generally lack of access to shelter isn’t the main one. It could be substance abuse issues, psychological difficulties, social care/family issues or a combination of any of the above.

Yes, there is a “rental crisis” but the cohort of people who are unfortunately homeless because they cannot afford any shelter, and there are no other contributory issues, is very low… and is a small subset of the “rental crisis”.

The rental crisis is real, but is not the homeless crisis.

Also, like a lot of Pinsters, I’m fed up that the “why are interest rates higher than europe?”, brigade (ALL of the media) are the same media also encouraging the calling for “no evictions for anyone from any family home.”

“Cognitive Dissonance? Is it you?”


Thinking things through to their conclusion is an optional extra for all this current and ex newstalk crew, pat kenny, claire byrne, ivan yates, chris donaghue etc.

They’ve been peddling nama for the people for nearly 10 years now. Two wrongs make a right.


Just heard McVerry emoting again on the RTE lunchtime news. He was basically demanding that Council’s use compulsory purchase orders to buy houses in their areas. This he said was in order to house families currently in hotels, drug addicts, people coming out of the prison system and those with mental health issues. Let’s hope they’re not living next to you or me!

Earlier Simon Coveney was on Newstalk discussing the housing issue. Someone texted in and said, “get rid of Part V and developers will build”. He completely dismissed this and said we need to have social housing in all new developments. Someone else texted in and said that no way would they want to work hard, save, take out a mortgage and live side by side with multi-generational workless families who would be, quote,“laughing at the rest of us getting up in the morning to go to work.”


Radio1 now
Number of distressed property investors doubles in year, says Phoenix Project


Marian Finucane show now…interview with David Hall about Console, the housing crisis and himself!!!


Did he mention anything about his frequently pronounced ‘guarantee’ that Console would not close… if they could only keep it going on hot air.


fork me, rte 9 news reports on employees of St. David Hall bringing him to court through the new whistleblower legislation, then RTE interviews Godsil about being discharged from bankruptcy.

edit, and I see today that ALison O’Riordan got a gig as court reporter for the Indo


I’ve always thought bring him into console review/ closure a bit odd. What expertise does he have