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I sat down last night to conduct my first channel surf in months and accidentally came across the new series on TG4. It was great. Hadn’t heard of it before.


I was particularly taken by the lack of pretentiousness in the whole episode. Will try and follow now on the player. Even the lady in Bantry House was fairly grounded.

It was the kind of show that makes you think, could we, should we, will we?


But but I posted it in 2016, were you not paying attention to Pinster recommendations? :wink:
Compulsory viewing


Tá brón orm. I noticed the year of your post alright and was annoyed I had missed it before.


John O’Connor has taken over from Conor Skeehan at The Housing Agency and was interviewed by Pat Kenny at 9.15am this morning. Well worth a listen back to hear someone who is so hopelessly out of his dept and so unknowledgeable about hos own organisation.

He stumbled through the interview from start to finish…he couldn’t even properly explain what the agency does. And when he did, it sounds like the agency is just another housing dept within a Local Authority except they are attached directly to the Dept of the Environment.

Towards the end Kenny asked him about illegal immigrants who are being put up in hotels at great expense because they are homeless. Should they not be either given leave to remain or deported asked Kenny but surely we shouldn’t be paying for accomm for illegals. After much mumbling about compassion and the Irish way, O’Connor said we would continue to house illegals whenever the need arose.


But we can’t house Irish people!

What do other countries do with illegals?

And shouldn’t the taxpayer have a say in all of this?


Pat Kenny pointed out that a report on Newstalk earlier featured the deportation of Irish who had overstayed visas from Australia in a crackdown over there. O’Connor believed Ireland to be a more compassionate country than that


Deport illegals living here! The Irish legal system ensures that it takes years to deport alleged Islamic terrorists

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3483565


Hi all,

Not sure if this has been posted already.

Oh my, the mind boggles. And she gets front and centre on Claire Byrne tonight. Seriously where is the balance.

Refreshing to hear Niall Boylan, asking some questions, nor even tough ones. I fear for our future in this country when this woman is seen as a voice for homelessness!

m.facebook.com/story.php?story_ … ie%2F&_rdr


After a free gaff and endless subsidisation to have as many children as you want the level of sheer stupidity, entitlement and arrogance in that clip is appalling. This country is fcuked.



This fecker had the nerve to claim the gubberment are robbin de peeple


The Indo has a European scoop. Interest rates will stay low next year!

Why? Because the writer figures that the lower growth rate means, well, the ECB won’t do what they said they’ll do.

independent.ie/business/bre … 77298.html

Pity he couldn’t find any sources to back up his scoop. Maybe he should read what Mario Draghi said about this.
bloomberg.com/news/articles … th-wobbles

The real story is that Irish borrowers are waking up to the prospect of higher, or even normal :sick: , interest rates and the Indo hopes to distract them.


The History Show on RTE this evening discussed the history of housing in Ireland, mainly Dublin.

Three academics - Frank Quinn (on his study of Georgian Dublin with Karl Deeter), Ruth McManus and Joseph Brady, who wrote a book on “Dublin, 1930–1950”. Neil Blaney is held responsible for Ballymun [because it proved a failure and he can’t defend himself. If it had been a success, everyone in Dublin Corpo would be claiming credit :angry: ]

tara.tcd.ie/bitstream/handle … sAllowed=y
fourcourtspress.ie/books/201 … dern-city/


Ruth Coppinger is interviewed on Oksana Boyko’s RT (formerly Russia Today) program this week. All the expected leftie shite from Coppinger, about how de wurkers should take ownership of corporations. Also how Apple’s billions in back tax should be spent on social housing. She touched a nerve when she mentioned income disparity in Russia, which caused the hyper-nationalist Boyko to leap to Russia’s defence, citing equal opportunities in sport as a counterexample :open_mouth: :question: . Funny that, as Boyko herself tweeted a ‘riveting [Russian only] interview on wealth inequality as inhibitor of economic growth in Russia’ just a fortnight ago.


Land of Hope & Homeless, Wednesday 21:35 RTÉ One
RTÉ Investigates special documentary examines Ireland’s housing crisis,
how residential land is not being developed anywhere near the scale required and how the government is failing to deliver on its Rebuilding Ireland programme.


Developer Michael O’Flynn made a surprise appearance on RTE Radio The LateDebate on Thursday
Basically saying that house prices would remain high due to input costs controlled by the state: planning, vat, levies, regulations etc


How well did it work when regulations were outsourced to you chaps the last time eh Michael?


He’s talking about input costs (not that there should be no regulations).

imho, it’s a fair point.


Leo Varadkar on LateLate tonight Rte1


It’s a fair point in terms of explaining cost, but the siren call of the right is to reduce those costs by reducing regulation. I’m not entirely sure what the costs of one-off housing levies have to do with large scale development (your link)?


The topic was input costs in housing in general.
Not specifically large scale or one-offs.
The example I posted was addressed to the general point of input costs, and their affect on the prices of houses.

I can not hear this siren call of the right that you are describing. When did you first notice you could hear it?