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I have been surprised by the current ‘mood’ that is eminating from Carrigstown. There is a lot of talk about cutbacks, recession, property prices crashing etc in the storylines. This could be a shot in the dark but I heard they took on a new producer or scriptwriter about nine months ago who is English (worked on a big soap over there) and it may be that she is putting her take on the prevalent mood in the city/country as opposed to some head in the clouds D4 type whose storylines would actively pursue the idea that all is well in this fair city without mention of any recession.

Was that Six One or the Radio?

6.1 News.

It was a relatively long feature on 6.1
They showed the “Gorgeous living” ads and kept interspersing artists impressions of Belmayne with actual footage of the half built grim reality.

You can view the 6.1 news report here:


Strange that it’s not up on the interweb gogglebox.

Thanks guys.

EDIT: The media link doesn’t work, booo.

It’s kind of bizarre, I posted on the belmayne thread about how the news seems to have been pulled. Here’s the link: viewtopic.php?p=148585#p148585

There is no report here.
Did RTE pull that story because there was no mention of it on the 9 pm news.

Nothing here either…

Maybe the developers were pissed off with the news piece. It was not complementary at all.

It was pulled but I quoted it for truth here:


Coming up on six one news: property investors in eastern europe are running scared.

Coming up on 6.1 -

Repo’d construction machinery being sold off in Naas

Irish investors in Easter Europe are running scared

6.1 News will have a report to do with East European property and Irish investors.

Jim Power on primetime now very bearish.
Says economy is deteriorating now on a daily basis and the powers that be have no idea how serious the situation is.

One had to be fairly literate to understand the news report. basically, now that the guarenteed rental incomes are no more, robopaddy (who never set foot in Hungary btw) is now having to compete in the actual rental morkesh , which I guess is no where any bogus guarenteed rental income scheme from the developer. Secondly, they mention that Huingary hasn’t had a credit boom, and therefore wont have a property price collapse, eh hold on a minute, the locals aren’;t paying paddy price for those gaffs, better luck next time.

The whole 2 or 3 year 10% rent guarantee was in effect a part of your own purchase price money comng back to you in order to encouage sales. I wonder how many billions was borrowed on the back of PPR equity to pay for these places.

What is really knock robopaddy out here is when the Hungarian forint tanks v the Euro and his investment becomes almost worthless

Karl Deeter on newstalk now… part of general discussions panel.

Dispatches: Don’t Bank On The Bailout
Broadcast: Monday 27 October 2008 08:00 PM
channel4.com/news/articles/d … ut/2627582

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