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Caught the end of Tom Parlon on Matt Cooper this evening. Basic argument was for government to provide ‘stimulus package’ (read bailout) for the construction industry to ‘free up 2 billion euros in unpaid VAT for the government’ (read get some cash into builders pockets so that they can ‘build more houses and employ more people’. He claimed to be talking about small builders who build 8 to 10 houses! :unamused:

It was basically gthe same lies but he has obviously picked up on the fact that people aren’t interested in bailing out the big developers he represents so he’s trying to spin his desired bailout as helping small family building firms through a difficult period so they can keep young Jimmy the labourer in a job!


Matt tackled Parlon on whether or not he is taking a pay cut this year, and how much of a pension he would have got after his five years in the Dail.

Tom Parlon reckoned it’s a tiny pension he recieves (he doesn’t know how much but it’s on the public record)

Matt said they’ll go check it out and come back to listeners.


I think Cooper enjoys having a go at Tom - never fails to tackle him about the bailout and Tom just keeps coming back for more like the spinmeister that he is, though he did get quite rattled at one stage this evening accusing Matt of repeating some line he’d heard him say earlier this week and basically accusing him of being sarcastic.

Didn’t get a clear answer from Tom when asked if he’d be taking a 10% cut like the CIF members are asking their employees to do - that’ll be a “No” then !

As for the old “VAT-release windfall” chestnut, God only knows what market he is basing his €2b figure on ! Would that be based on 2006 height-of-the-boom sales prices Tom??

A word in your ear Tom…the world has moved on - there aren’t enough buyers out there for all of the poorly-built crap your members are sitting on, and many of them are in locations even the most desperate FTB’er doesn’t want to live even if your developer buddies were giving them away.

Methinks that €2b balloon is losing air at a rapid rate

Welcome to Parlon country - mind the bullshit.


dynamic.rte.ie/av/230-2457621-320-180.smil [realplayer required]


Coming up on the Nine O’Clock News

“Survey shows 80% of EA’s selling less than 3 properties a month!”


Lack of credit blamed

SOme guy from IAVI on bullshitting about interest rate reductions and things picking up next year



The comments on Ireland being “different” are bleak…but it always looked more vulnerable to a global property market decline.

(1) CSO had total population at about 4.4 million in April.

(2) Daft currently has 72,500 for sale and 20,800 for rent. Probably safe to round up to 100,000 total to include non-daft listings or sideliners.

(3) Assume about 4 people live in an accommodation on average, it would take about 10 percent of the population without housing and looking to buy or rent right now to fill all the existing vacancies.

Not sure what the emigration trajectory has been since April, but it will only make things worse.

(I’m sure some of the assumptions above are wrong–consider it a gut check as opposed to “analysis”)


And another 18% are selling a big fat 0 per month.


And 16% of vendors have taken their properties off the market.


New evidence of slump in property auctions
Martina Fitzgerald reports on a survey showing property sales at auction have slowed to a crawl

dynamic.rte.ie/av/230-2458256-320-180.smil [realplayer required]


Prime Time last night, dublin dockland developments…


Micahel O’Leary on the Late Late now


Should he really be given this platform on the State broadcaster to make a case for his accumulation of a business which will make him a lot of money? The whole thing has been allowing him make a case as to why he should be allowed buy Aer Lingus nothing else


nothing new there, remember last year he opened the season with women injecting eachother with Botox. that type of public funded programming made me go TVless but keep the updates coming.
TV license is a tax we don’t need.


Yawn, soft focus piece to get the public onside.


if its on RTE, the govt must be giving the green light for this deal.


The most striking thing for me was the underlying assumption that Ireland is going to have one, maybe two banks in the very near future.


Did anyone else hear the interview with Mike Soden on Marian Finucane, I thought it very interesting, but the children meant I was only half listening to it. He had a lot of harsh things to say, in a polite way, about the current management:

  • they are paid to see it coming
  • they can’t recapitalise until they are realistic about loan losses - he thinks they are in denial
  • they should apologise to their shareholders (of which he is one with 150k shares) and admit that they got it wrong and that they should have been more prudent


Very, very interesting.

It was a Geisha dance between himself and Marian. More being left unsaid than was being said, yet you were left, in no uncertain terms, with the impression that both were on the side of angels.

Also sounded like an on-air job application for the role of local sheriff.


people thrown under a bus needlessly,

Nick Leeson (he really didnt lose too much money in the grand scheme of things :wink: ), Mike Soden ( paid the price for messing with those who are very good at the internet).