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nothing new there, remember last year he opened the season with women injecting eachother with Botox. that type of public funded programming made me go TVless but keep the updates coming.
TV license is a tax we don’t need.


Yawn, soft focus piece to get the public onside.


if its on RTE, the govt must be giving the green light for this deal.


The most striking thing for me was the underlying assumption that Ireland is going to have one, maybe two banks in the very near future.


Did anyone else hear the interview with Mike Soden on Marian Finucane, I thought it very interesting, but the children meant I was only half listening to it. He had a lot of harsh things to say, in a polite way, about the current management:

  • they are paid to see it coming
  • they can’t recapitalise until they are realistic about loan losses - he thinks they are in denial
  • they should apologise to their shareholders (of which he is one with 150k shares) and admit that they got it wrong and that they should have been more prudent


Very, very interesting.

It was a Geisha dance between himself and Marian. More being left unsaid than was being said, yet you were left, in no uncertain terms, with the impression that both were on the side of angels.

Also sounded like an on-air job application for the role of local sheriff.


people thrown under a bus needlessly,

Nick Leeson (he really didnt lose too much money in the grand scheme of things :wink: ), Mike Soden ( paid the price for messing with those who are very good at the internet).


Podcast online now:
rte.ie/podcasts/2008/pc/pod- … marian.mp3

Well worth a listen.


Lovely pics What Goes Up! :laughing:

I do think you’re right about the sheriff thing.


A lively questions and answers tonight :wink:


and we are off…wait until they discuss the money obama got… could descend into a partisan slagging match
Committee Holds Hearing on Collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


watched it online, I’ve heard livlier. All the panellists agreed on everything.


thanks, just tuned in.

Freddie got into nontraditional loans because everyone else was doing it XX


Lenihan on Morning Ireland in a minute talking about how the shrinkage in Ireland’s economy will be greater than forecast.

Should be laying the foundations for a mini budget now.

EDIT: My bad, no Lenihan, its Joan Burton :angry:


anybody catch george lee on RTE news 9.00pm yesterday?

Man did he look bothered, you could tell that he too little time, nor, the verbal dexterity to properly define and describe, the absolute horror which he sees on the irish economy,

He mentioned:
*that the tax base next year is shot to shit,
*foundation of the last budget no longer exists
*massive public shortfall of money
*huge tax changes and cutback unavoidable

Good god, its got to the state where those in the public cannot hide their fear or next year.


rte.ie/news/2008/1211/9news_ … 0,null,230


Eddie Hobbs in full flow on RTE


Joe Duffy has just proclaimed on national television that next year it could go like Athens this week here in Ireland. :open_mouth:


a totally disgusting load of shite… the most depressing 2 hours of tv ive ever subjected myself to…

apres match were the only respite… i must suffer from self-hate… brrrrrr


Joe has been reading the pin.


Hobbs claims that there is a massive wall of money sitting in deposit accounts due to all the deleveraging thats going on and next year when this money is earning nearly zero interest its magically going to start moving into investments.
Well Eddie all I can say is my money will be staying in the bank with deflation heading for -4% and beyond by the middle of next year.

Hobbs wants civil servants pensions taxed as a benefit in kind and sees a change in gubberment next year.