Bubble Radio / TV: Give advance notice here!!!


Someone tell CNBC to get with the program.

They can’t go looking for information during the morning tea break!


Appaling and not even shell fired :unamused:


A bit of perseverance might uncover a window of opportunity between morning tea break and lunch!


Prime Ministers Question Time in the house of commons…
proper debate on their economic woes and also Govt reaction to same…


CNBC reporter, " Nationisation of AIB and BOI could come in the next few days"
Cowen " shut the fuck up"



Dan O’Brian on Newstalk now


Se the bould Dr Lucy got pulled into CNBC to reiterat that sticking fingers in ears and going “lalala” is not a good plan at this stage 8)


whats he saying “stop spending or yiz are doomed”?


Interesting interview’s with Green party workers/councillors on Mr. Keane’s show on Newstalk. The Greens are riven between parliament and party…


Matt Cooper (hi Matt) to be discussing the reduction in Affordable Housing prices by Dublin CC after 6.


Shane Ross on with Matt Cooper.


Matt: “How were they affordable if it cost 8 times someones salary?”

Tony Flynn from the Dublin CC: “Ah they were affordable back when the banks were giving out the money.”


Everything’s affordable if teh banks give you the money…

(so long as they don’t want it back :wink:)


Good man Tony you fucking plank.


Advertorial. No investigative jounalism.


Do the council purchase the AH and then sell it to the sucker? If so, whose going to take the hit?


From what they said it’s a bit of both. AH buy at a discount, they pass on the discount. Everyone is a winner. Oh, except for all the people who texted in afterwards who purchased them and now don’t have a hope of selling at what they paid for them. Like the one that said he had no intention of staying there for 20 years, (maybe unfortunate or a real shite flippers). Anyway the double whammy was that some of these folk are on fixed rates.
I know some folk here, myself included feel bitter that the country was screwed up so badly and we didn’t get a chance to buy our own houses for the last 4 years, but when I think of a friend of mine who bought an AH, I know it could be a lot, lot worse.


BBC2 9pm - The City Uncovered with Evan Davis (bloke from the Dragons Den)


Taxpayer is a big loser here