Bubble Radio / TV: Give advance notice here!!!

Yep, and Vinnie was completely shocked at these predictions :unamused:

Headline: Fitzpatrick was lent 10s of millions in foreign currency

Are we getting close to fraud yet? We must be nearly there now … huh?

I am flabbergasted that in the midle of a deep recession and unprecedented job losses BOI are brave enough to consider such a scheme! Maybe they are hoping public servants with their permanent pensionable jobs will be lured into buying. I am a potential first time buyer and public servant with a pensionable permanent job. However the pension levy will reduce my income by roughly 200 euro! I also work overtime and, although the money I earn working overtime is not pensionable, the Orwellian ‘pension levy’ will be deducted from it also. In short my earnings have taken a double hit. This is only the start. Taxes will rise and god only knows what other reductions are on the way. For me the future remains earily uncertain. In light of this any half sensible FTB, even in secure public employment a la moi, would be as foolhardy as the Banks if they were to take on this poison chalice, no matter how superficially sweetened.
It seems to me that BOI et al. are exhausting every possible avenue with this hair brained scheme to transfer their toxic assets to naive buyers.

Anyone see the pro-FG lad in the audience on Q&A. I swore it was Inda Kenny wearing a black wig! Gas stuff.

That Eamon lad from Magill was the only worthwhile panel member.
Best thing at the end of it was the final txt, all polititcians should take a 50% pay cut. Could hear Eamon shouting yes and then as the credits were getting ready to roll, pointing at the FG guy.

Caught the last few minutes of Vinnie, the 3 panelists were speaking pure common sense. Might have to watch that one again.

Peaches, look here for some crude analysis of the numbers:
See you on the beach…

Am I living on the fucking moon or something?

Watched the whole of “Questions & Answers” tonight - have they no fucking researchers/newspapers/sense?

Was their a “highly irregular arrangement” between ILP and Anglo? Did it get a fucking mention? Is there a banner headline on the IT tomorrow about Seánie Fitz? Did he get a mention? Is there a fucking headline in the Indo today about a failed builder bailout? Did it get a mention?

Christ - they shite on about Private versus Public sector and Lisbon!!!

I swore to fuck I couldn’t be arsed mocking the Irish banks anymore as they had become beyond funny - but now they get a choice companion:

Pat Kenny show doing a property price feature in the Midlands.

Ah yes, the developers are almost at cost so you won’t see anymore cuts.

Sorry lads, it’s the empties again.

Seems the reporter found a FTB. I fear that one swallow does not a spring make. At least we have Mark Fitzgerald on now to tell us the drops are in rejoice and buy.

Mark Fitzgerald,Sherry FitzShilling on Myles Dungan.
From bullish to cowed.

Mark; “People renting can’t put their lives on hold for ever.”

He’s right, as soon as I get the chance to move my job to the states, i’m gone.

If only I had a mortgage to tie me down here…

Well at least we have a lot of empty houses built in the wrong places that we have to maintain for a decade or so. Fitzgerald’s parting shot.

He got really flustered at the end when the academic suggested better laws for rental tenure. Then for some unknown reason he went on about how when we look back in 15 years time we will be glad we built such a great housing stock. What the f**k?

Did he not say that house prices started falling three years ago, in summer 2006?

An American, Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe, was just on Newstalk with Eamonn Keane - and he absolutely nailed it, describing us as a nation once cowed by bishops, now cowed by bankers. He pointed out that the US Congress is no more honest than the Dail - but they have the power to compel witnesses to attend hearings and jail them for contempt or perjury, something which they actually do (he mentioned the baseball players specifically). He also mentioned the declawing of the freedom of information act and the complete sideshow that is Sean Fitzpatrick.

Interesting stuff.

Discussion on Renting Vs. Buying on Sean Moncrieff Show on Newstalk at the mo.

Good analysis. Remember that the Irish allowed priests to molest children for decades without complaining. Before that, the English controlled the country for
centuries with only a handful of people.

When a tiny elite of developers, bankers, politicians engage in the financial equivalent of rape and pillage, the Irish take it with barely a whimper.

Why is anyone surprised? History shows that we are fucking woosies.

Moncrieff on Newstalk just about to stat a piece on
“Is there something rotten at the heart of Irish society and Irish bankers”

I assume he’s asking a rhetorical question 8)

Jill Kirby was just on Today FM with the Daft economist. Among the many things Jill had to say were that you would be mad to buy a house now and that a house that has fallen in price already from say 400k to 300k will be 100-150k in a year or two.