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Jaysus; how typical of FF for the last 10 years that they start doing shit right only as they’re plunging over the cliff, half way to the lake full of piranha :unamused:

Really? He just claimed that the IMF deal is there to provide the Irish economy with a soft landing. Be interesting to see if VB or any of the others on the panel pick that up after the break.

vinnie didnt, the soft landing comment was a ‘facepalm’ moment

NAMA discussion on Plank now. Very interesting, slowly dawning on Pat that all might not be as it seemed in NAMA despite his best efforts to defend it, he seems genuinely shocked. Denial to fear in the brain of Pat Kenny live on radio, gas.

CNBC - someone coming up who’s optimistic on Irish Economy -

Senator/NAMA discussion split here:

Richard Bruton on Newstalk now.

Bertie insulting the nation split here:


I don’t fucking believe it, that arsehole Martin is on the Plank now.
RTE wankers.

Didn’t you get the memo. Mehole is our savior

Just reported on RTE News at One that Paulson made five billion dollars trading last year, obscene.

Envy is very unbecoming of RTE :angry:

Michael Lewis on Marian Finucane yesterday (Saturday 29th) - well worth a listen on the podcast, about 1hr 20 mins in

Wogan just dealing with the Celtic Tiger

Sorry he gave it two lines " for a while there Dublin seemed like the centre of the world" or word to that effect

He need not have bothered. Fianna Fail have already dealt with the Celtic tiger. XX

I like it well done that man :laughing:

Newstalk - Labour MEP - Alan something

Talking about the BRIC areas, Cleantech; Gaming technologies, Medial Devices… :angry:

he knows about it 'cos of UCC - his “old Alma Mater”

Also funny to hear Wogan use the word “Gaelic”. He constantly referred to ROI as “Eire” on his R2 show also.

George Hook discussing Martin’s “new” front bench, Mary Hannafin due on in a bit.