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And boy am I feeling better for that - all that gloom was getting me down!


Vincent Browne dedicating a show to debt forgiveness (Thursday night)


David McWillians coming up after the 8am news n Newstalk speaking about debt forgiveness


after it was Shane Coleman talking about the astronomical NTMA salaries :nin , deserves a thread on its own


Bertie’s 265 K expenses claim being discussed on Marion. It appears he’s claiming more than any other ex taoiseach. Cowan claiming 15 K…Bertie claiming 250 € PER MONTH for the first 6 months of this year in mobile phone bills. Lets not forget 150 K year in pension. Further evidence of the consistency of his neck.

A public lynching would be too good for him.


Anyone listening to Newstalk? They are doing a piece on renting.
Karl Deeter stated that he is a landlord of several properties and is cautioning others not to take rent supplement tenants because he has had bad experiences. He had more than one bad experience apparently.


Wow, I did not know he had this much skin in the property game.

Will bear this in mind when listening to his utterances from now on.


Of course the nice lady from threshold or whatever made him out to be a “racist”… “oh I would be very careful about saying that now… can’t generalise” I hate that shit, whatever you think of him it was his experience (and I imagine lots of others, judging by the huge proportion of adverts that state rent allowance not accepted) that rent allowance tenant will take the piss and cost you more than the deposit by thrashing the gaff. He is perfectly entitled to his opinion from his experience. It would seem to tally with observations that that a minority of social housing recipients that are given a free house make shit of that house because they have “no skin in the game”.

Interesting discussion none the less. It was good to hear the lady saying that she agreed the Residential Tenancy Act was in parts grossly unfair in favour of the tenant. Although this may on the surface be a good thing for tenants, its really not, because it just turns landlords into cynics who think every tenant is out to screw them.


Peter Mathews coming up on the News at One, RTE radio 1.


Banks should write down all mortgages cause the valuations have gone down.

Joe Duffy is full of luminaries today.


should banks write them up when valuations return to their Lenny inspired long term economic value? Ah ud miss the Lenny /Clown double act…


Just heard on the 6.01 news that they will consider allowing people to stay in their repossessed houses and rent. Not sure if this has already been mentioned on the omniscient pin.


Drumm shennanigans on Plank right now…


Apparently it was the bank’s fault that one caller’s son chose to pay €500 for a dodgy set of accounts and €250 for a dodgy valuation so the son could borrow much more than he could really afford to repay.

Now Joe has just replayed Noonan’s call for Telecom investors to get a tax write off.


Ad on the tv while ago for Primetime special next week on Tuesday , I think it was “Namaland the inside story on Nama the Worlds biggest Property company”


No shit Prime Time :unamused: Its all so 2008… we are on our way to Mu Mu Land ffs, Namaland was just a bit of moral and ethical R&R.

Mu Mu Land Ahoy!!! 8DD



Some woman on Joe Duffy show right now, crying down the phone. She sounds like the kind of little old lady you’d find behind the counter of a rural post office but she owes ACC €2 million - plus! (Buying and selling farmland it seems!)



Owes €2.2m to the bank, her home ISN’T AT RISK and she’s in tears on the line about the evil banks.

About to put my fucking foot through the radio.


It’s this ould wan I think:
independent.ie/national-news … 53855.html

After buying the farm she sold 5 acres to the state for a new motorway. She had a haulage firm and equestrian centre, other properties and is doing the whole “béal bocht” thing now.


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