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AH ha now we know! Sound like she got lucky and some sucker in the Uk got burned!

Liz: I bought my first property when I was 20 with a 100% mortgage in the UK when the boom was happening there. I sold 18months later having made some money and have been obsessed ever since.


And now she’s trying to burn innocent ftbs with her stupid advice just to keep her in a job.
This bitch is a real shark alright and needs to be dealt with accordingly


I wonder will she find it so “amusing” in 12 months time?


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John McGuire
‘I’m an Adult Get Me Out of Here’ returns with John McGuire advising more first time home buyers. Donal O’Donoghue meets up with the property guru.


We are not worthy :smiling_imp:


Comical Austin and Mr. Burgess from AAM are on the panel on ‘late night live’ on newstalk106 at the minute.

Strange bedfellows…



First thing I heard - “honestly I underestimated the rate rises” - Austin Huhges, Comedian extraordinaire.


I got my text in to Austin and Brendan about the ‘done and dusted’ at 3.75%, and the AAM dismissal of property price discussions. Must get the clip for you with their responses…


Cool, Austin is telling us its different now, the world is a less secure place but thats why its ok in Ireland cause we are still doing the business :confused:


It doesn’t seem that newstalk rebroadcast like today fm seem to and this show isn’t podcasted. I’ve asked them for the segment and will let you know if I get something back.


yeah heard it,
seems that most of the messages sent in were negative. There wasn’t one positive one coming through.

Austin was tame by his standards. I don’t agree with the education things cos we aren’t that educated.

Ireland is different this time, It’s now a fully open small trade economy, Austin is an economist, he knows what this means, This implies that we have to trade, we can’t set prices (for the nerds out there have a look at the Saumuleson-Balassa Effect and International Fisher relationship)…we are price takers, and if our costs rise, something has to give.

We need either to increase productivity, have a decreasing fx to compensate, decrease in non traded good to offset…or a combination of all…

Austin should have done all this, he knows the score, he knows that things will change, but he’s not going to be the one to call this…


Yet another vintage performance from Comical.
Claims he underestimated the strength of the German economy just like he’s overestimating the strength of our bob the builder economy :cry:


Well I acccept that Austin held up his hand on national radio about the done and dusted comment and acknowledged he got Germany wrong. I respect that and it’s time to move on.

Brendan Burgess was diplomatic but if you have a website called Ask About Money house prices will always be up for discussion Brendan. As has been said here before many times. The only thing we were missing here was a mention for the property pin. :wink:


Burgess hadn’t a clue how to answer the question about fluctuating oil prices that was texted in.It just illustrates just how out of touch he is with whats really going on.
I just can’t understand why these “experts” are paraded before us constantly and people actually take their views as gospel.
Of course nobody thought of asking them why we are not following the Spaniard’s example and introducing policies that result in a reduction in house prices.
The Spanish have realised [belatedly I might add] that exorbitant property prices are the root cause of a lot of their problems and are taking steps to deal with this.
We should be doing exactly the same thing.
I’d love to hear what Mr. Burgess would have to say about that.


He’d say…

We need to get two spanish economies exactly the same and have them attempt opposing experiments, only then can we… yadda, yadda, yadda… :blush:


No he wouldn’t.He’d simply say I’ll let you answer that one Comical cos you’re a better bullshitter than I am.


Ah god love the balanced summary of the property market prospects… :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:




oh the bitterness, it runs deep.

I know, I know we’ve been shafted well and truly over the last ten years by listening to and being manipulated by spokesmen for construction and mortgage lending.

But maybe Austin and Mr. Burgess will have a ‘pauline’ conversion once the govt. changes and the main string holding the Irish property market puppet is cut with FFs spectacular removal from power.

Polls seem to predict this swing of ‘Blairite’ magnitude next week.


Best bit of news I’ve heard all week :laughing: