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Well speaking of it. I think it means all bets have to be off as regards the size and speed of crash. If Bertie Ahern can be removed from power that easily and speedily given the unassailable position he was coming from in 2002 then it’s the best evidence of’ trouble at mill’ we’ve seen or likely to see in 1,000 CSO reports.

The size of swing required to remove FF is enormous and the magnitude of it isn’t being reported from what i’ve seen. I’d almost think they were throwing the election…then get back in on their own in 5 years…

I know this warrants a new thread.


Although Bertie did say that this would be his last election campaign.
It will be his last whether he likes it or not.
Yes, an FF defeat would be indicative of impending doom and a signal to lower the life rafts.


Housing being discussed on Newtalk right now!


And the pin gets a mention on newstalk…who was that?




Oi Oi! Was it a text or was GB in the hotseat eh eh!! :unamused:

Got a link??


Listne to mat Cooper on the Radio tonihgt, some coverage on the sup prime repro court proceedings made for interesting listneing. Why?

Well because some comentator was continually suggesting with the recent up in court proceedings for repossesion was merely the “comanies using the court system to FOCUS the mind, to CONCENTRATE the issue in the minds” of these property owners. Yeah right!

We’ll feck that for a game of soliders. Is he not suggesting that these companies, mortgage lenders are in fact abusing the court system and wasting the court systems time?

This seems

  1. Odd
  2. fishy
  3. A waste of more money by these companies
  4. More “its different this time” dogma.
  5. Odd + fishy = the Smell of Bull-bullshit

If there is a continued rise in court proceedings to repro, then soon enough another old chestnut of the “as sure its different this time and anyway they don’t do that dirty repro thing here in holy old ireland”… brigade will be cracked.

This can only open the flood gates and in no where to hide scenario i.e. every direction.


Very bearish talk on economy on rte radio 1 now


More Car crash TV from House Hunters RTE

Life coach and counselor Donna (26)** has an ambitious plan**, she wants to be financially independent by the time she’s 30 and she feels that property is the way to go.

**She started her property portfolio when she realized that her rent cost €36,000 over a three year period. She bought her first property in Budapest and then a house in Maynooth with her partner Tony, a graphic designer. They eventually plan to let this house as they build their portfolio. **

The search for Donna’s next property brings us to Athlone, Drogheda and Carlow.

And if you’re considering becoming a professional investor Ian Lawlor insists the fundamentals never change:
Cashflow is vital.
There should be more money coming in than going out.
When you are buying, consider if you are: An Investor, A speculator, A Gambler or a Trader.
Be honest with yourself!
Don’t use a tax break as the reason to buy a bad deal.
Patience and hard work is essential.


Hey who was that on the LAst word whom texted in

“I in last year when these rates started to reise I said I had fixed for 10 years at 4.5%, your man said I was mad, I’m smiling ear to ear”

Gowan what pin user/lurker is bathing in their suprerior forsight & actionable dynamics :wink:


Nah, no self-respecting pin user would fix for 10 years and become a property slave!!! :laughing:


I forgot to mention Jim Power was on taking credit for stating over 2 years ago the over reliance of the economy. He dodged the impact of the rate rises & rises so far and focused on the “well it was a shock rise, it was predicted” so managed to come away all friendly.

It seems on radio guests are less gaurded, it must be PR training that instructed them more so for TV, which has the bigger audience, do we see some really over the top positons taken from these “paid cheer leaders” :wink:

Well anyway lots of back peddling from Jim Power. He must be reading the PIN.


Property market, the economy and stretched borrowers being discussed on prime time now.


and concurrently on I’m an adult on rte2.

Thanks jayzuz for TG4 and back to the sopranos coming on now .


well for those who haven’t picked up the Sopranos bug (why can’t I get into it!).

Eunan King of NCB was on pretty much dismissing everything as being down to stamp duty. To give you an idea Marc Coleman of the times was the more bearish in his arguments. He talked about a bumpy landing between soft and hard. Also everything will be sorted after september it seems:?: .

Other than that it was a real case of ‘nothing to see here! move along now people!’ from Mr. King.:unamused:


Coleman also siad that interest rates will decrease from 2008 onwards - what does he know that the rest of the world doesn’t :unamused:

King was so bullish I was amazed. Strong bullishness like this does have a temporary effect on certain people - I spoke to my brother (who has several properties) afterwards and he said, quote, “see, even stockbrokers, who would rather have people invest in shares, believe that there is nothing to worry about”


king works for NCB who have exposure to the property market,

He was very much in denial"what crises there is no crises",he mentioned interest rates only being a problem if rates went back up to 14% as they did in the uk forgetting to mention that there they started at 7% and so the problem was that they doubled.
He failed to mention in context our rates have gone from 2% to 4%.


John McGuire - property investor, managing director of First Credit Mortgages and RTE presenter of ‘I’m an adult get me out of here’ on RTE -
attacks Jim Curran’s programme Future Shock.

Headline in front page of joe soaps Herald today, maybe he is worried about his job. :smiley:




hhmm…like an ostrich with his head in the sand!!
At least he is giving an independent viewpoint… :unamused:
Yet another VI trying to save their job, why do the media give them the space…oh yeh I forgot!!! Expect more of this from the sinking ship. Bring on Future Shock 2, that will really get them going!!