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Did he mention anything about his frequently pronounced ‘guarantee’ that Console would not close… if they could only keep it going on hot air.


fork me, rte 9 news reports on employees of St. David Hall bringing him to court through the new whistleblower legislation, then RTE interviews Godsil about being discharged from bankruptcy.

edit, and I see today that ALison O’Riordan got a gig as court reporter for the Indo


I’ve always thought bring him into console review/ closure a bit odd. What expertise does he have


She’s a full-time court reporter AFAIK not affiliated with the Indo


Starting Wed 1st Sept a new series on RTE…‘Find me a home’

Property porn is back


Sure is, heard an ad on the radio this evening for this


Should be interesting! :slight_smile:


Just caught Matt Cooper announcing yesterday evening that Simon Coveney will be on tomorrow evening (Thursday) to “answer your questions on housing”.

Apparently they’re going to allow people on air to ask questions directly.


Mostly landlords moaning about being in negative equity and wanting to get out of the game. Eventually Coveney had enough and said to one she made a business decision, took on the risk and the market went against her. Thats life (uless your a Bank or big Developer with links to poitical parties)!


I work during it.
Can you email questions ?


Pity they didn’t take that line with the Banks.


30th September 2016. Eighth anniversary of the Bank Guarantee. Not being mentioned in any Irish mainstream media, or here.


Coming up now on Primetime…how can we help FTB’s

edit: Country Tom v’s Stephen Donnelly


Lower house prices.

Lower cost of living overall


Thanks for the flag.
It was hard for Donnelly to not say, “Tom - you’re lying” in relation to amount of zoned land around Dublin.

Still, I think Donnelly lost me when he suggested the deposit LTV should be relaxed & the LTI retained. I think the LTV needs to stay… otherwise we’re just going back to the madness (even faster than we are currently heading there!)


Bertie on Pat Kenny Newstalk show now discussing Brexit, Budget 17 and his general take on the state of play in Ireland at the moment.

The rehabilitation is underway


Snap :laughing:


That cnut should have been dangling from a lamp post years ago.


And stories about Biffo too in the last few days … does anyone feel there’s a Presidential Run in the offing ?

God knows, the Irish electorate are thick enough to elect either one of them XX


Remember: Bertie’s only goal now is to position himself for the next presidential run. The last cycle was too soon in relation to peoples anger from “de Bust”.
But he’ll be angling for it next time - and FF might be in a robust enough position to nominate him.

This would be a disgustingly privileged capstone for a man who, i feel, deserves to be regarded as the architect of most of what is rotten about Irish life: unsustainable public sector entitlement, the housing boom & bust, 2nd world health system in a 1st world country, an unsustainably narrow tax base, the wealthiest public pensioners in the world… it just goes on and on…