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He was defending benchmarking when on the radio earlier…basically said that perhaps PS/CS weren’t being paid enough now v’s the private sector


He’s a clown.
I know a LOT of friends who would have taken a reduction in their guarenteed pay by 10-15% over last 10 years rather than get a P45, have no income for a year, and have to travel abroad for work.

I can’t even think about Bertie without thinking of my friends who had some very difficult time in the late 00’s.

Edit: And in case anyone suggests, no, my friends “didn’t all party”.
They were just a few years out of college, most didn’t buy houses - thankfully - just young people who lost their jobs as companies were cutting back.


Another appearance with Marian on Radio One coming up for Bertie Ahern.


Channel 4 Dispatches 8 pm tonight - Britain’s Homebuilding Scandal.

Builders hoarding land etc.

Love to see the Irish version of this programme.


Brendan Burgess talking sense on mortgage affordability and Central Bank rules on Radio1 now.


Conor Skeehan and Karl Deeter on Pat Kenny show now.
Deeter started off with the deposit problems people have trying to buy a 685k house in Rathfarnham or a 340k house in Raheny!!! And how great these new rules are


Tom Parlon coming up now on SO’R


Yanis Varoufakis on TV Now with David McWilliams


how will both egos fit in the same studio?


The both fit because their egos are complimentary :smiling_imp:
Repeat is on now again tonight on TV3.


I watched this recently and was impressed. We live in a beautiful country. tg4.ie/ga/clair/tithe-cois-farraige/
**Tithe Cois Farraige is an 8 part series developed by TG4. Filmed using state-of-the art equipment, the series showcases beautiful and unique Irish homes and gives us a glimpse into the lives of people who live on the coast… **


I agree, definitely worth a watch.
I think that TG4 in general punch above their weight regarding the programs they commission/produce.


Great programme and beautifully filmed, for a lot of reasons I spend a lot of Sundays in the Winter indoors TG4 provide amazing sports coverage for the housebound etc


Newstalk in a few minutes
A queue for a €1200 1 bed flat in Dublin. How hard is it to rent a roof before Christmas?


Did the mainstream media have some sort of collective stroke over the weekend? A positive factual discussion stroke?

Newstalk earlier (about 5pm) drilling in to Garda “allowances”, and pension entitlements.
I was amazed - I’d never heard it done properly before… though many years I’d waited. Garda spokesperson was on… he did an awful job of defending it. He failed miserably really.

Then I get home and hear a similar conversation on the RTE 6 ONE news about Horgan report.
Somebody actually said - out loud on RTE during prime time - that the equivalent contributions to a private pension to realise the same pension as an average Garda would be “30 to 40,000 a year to fund in private sector”.
“Gold plated” they called it.
I waited for the counter-argument drummed up by RTE about public service, or Garda spokesperson… nothing! Amazing.

Somebody will be getting dragged in to the DG over that. We can’t be having that loose talk about the facts of the Garda pensions, and what unrealistically massive contributions normal PAYE worker would need to contribute to realise the same pension.
Crazy stuff to have this discussed at 6:05pm… and on the National Broadcaster, no less?
Proles - know your place!!


In fairness, it’'s been covered many times over the years
Garda pension worth €1.1m PUBLISHED 07/03/2009


Maybe it’s because I rarely catch discussions on MSM at all that I’m so surprised by it.


The Great Irish Sell Off, Monday RTE1 21:35
Ian Kehoe reports on the small number of financial giants that have bought close to €200bn of distressed Irish debt in recent years, from business loans to mortgages, and what the arrival of such funds means for Ireland.


Simon Coveney doing a bullshítting exercise on Housing at the moment on fakebuke live
facebook.com/thejournal.ie/ … =3&theater


Simpleton Simon Coveney is the new Eamonn Ryan. Ryan’s stupidity was such that he sucked intelligence from all around like some toxic black hole of slow, dull imbecility. Coveney is now demonstrating the same characteristics of stolid, lumbering and ignorant feeble-mindedness. If intelligence was taxed, he could apply to the Revenue Commissioners to get all his tax back.