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Sean O’Rourke now

Stephen Donnelly discussing tenants rights when Landlords are selling their houses, forced or voluntarily


Coveney on TV again…Claire Byrne show again.

He has just signed the ‘Tyrellstoen amendment’ tonight. Property owners selling their units cannot now evict the tenants in place…this applies to those selling 10 or more units.

Looks like a whack at Vulture funds to some degree


Pardon the obvious here, but would a company not just sell 9 at a time then? Or transfer ownership in blocks of 9 to facilitate putting multiple sets of 9 on sale simultaneously?

How would this amendment work in practice?


10 units was selected as the figure to get around Constitutional issues as expressed by the AG. Anything at 10 or over would not be in breach of property rights and could be interpreted as being in the common good.
The law, wha!


Just heard that Stephen Donnelly is joining FF.


Always said he was a populist :laughing:


Has been announced by FF:

irishtimes.com/news/politic … -1.2960715


Joe Duffy on LiveLine to a pensioner being evicted after 20 years - “Sure it must have been like yer home?”


If you lie with dogs you’ll get up with fleas.


Simon Coveney on Newstalk now discussing the housing crisis


Bertie on Pat Kenny show on TV3 from 10pm tonight to talk all things political in Ireland and where things are at the moment.


Newsnight had a very good piece on the ills of the UK housing markets and looked at how Jeresey and Cornwall are atempting to tackle the problem. Was very imnteresting.


Groundhog Bertie! We are where we are! And we’ll be there tomorrow too!


He hasn’t gone away you know… :-GC

I’d say Micheál Martin just wakes up twitching when he senses the Bertmeister in the mainstream media.


Ireland’s Property Crisis RTE1 Monday 3 April 21:35
New series. Documentary about the housing crisis, with each edition offering a snapshot of seven days in Ireland with people trying to find a way out of negative equity, looking for somewhere to rent, resisting eviction, hoping to buy their first home, or simply trying to find a bed for the night.


I see this thread will soon be a decade old. For some reason a quote comes to mind.

“Hell goes round and round. In shape it is circular, and by nature it is interminable, repetitive, and nearly unbearable.”

― Flann O’Brien, The Third Policeman


Looks like David Hall will feature
rte.ie/lifestyle/living/2017 … ty-crisis/


Coming up on the Ray D’arcy show, Erica Fleming talks to Ray about her new home!


Hall drives a 171 Range Rover!


As Ben Gilroy said: “he’s seen gravy”