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The bedsit just shown on the show that the Indian girl is looking for someone to move in and split the €550 rent …wow! A 5hithole. Can’t be safe and surely hasn’t passed any safety checks/standards.


we’ve been through this before on a different sub forum…


Depressing watching this stuff. Congratulations Michael Noonan. This is your legacy


Did anyone else suspect there was nobody on the other end of the phone line when David Hall was going full hard chaw?


2nd part of the Property Crisis show was on tonight.

It’s nuts out there


There was a 2 bed house in Crumlin I think 25 Lislee Road if I recall …it went for €325k :open_mouth:


Yeah, asking started at 245k.

Or the Apt in Rialto that went for over 280k.


What an unholy mess they have made of the country. The doc didn’t offer much in the way of solutions but at least it captured the chaos out there.


We all knew there was a concerted effort to squeeze supply to get prices up but I personally didn’t foresee such a god damn mess so soon.

Having secured a house in the autumn of 2015, although a little more heavily indebted than we’d intended, I am just relieved to be out of the eye of the storm.

Noonan and Co will hopefully be remembered fondly for their great work.


Good programme, even if it didn’t have the solutions. They left that to Dermot Bannon on Claire Byrne Live :unamused:

Was it made by the same people as made that health service documentary last year? Very similar concept (a day/week in the life of the country) and style (cutting multiple separate scenes together when changing scene). Struck me as expensive. Very dense in stories - which was good. TV3 would have done an hour each on the young guy whose daughter died and was buying by the sea, the Australia-based mining buying via Skype, and woman with MS and the family whose sons were going guarantor on their mortgage.




Newstalk’s Talking Point, Sarah Carey is joined by Ronan Lyons, Karl Deeter and Lorcan Sirr to discuss Housing Policy
Slam dunk!
Podcast newstalk.com/podcasts/Talkin … ing_Policy


Homeless familes now sleeping in Gardai stations apparently.

1 family now on the SOR show on radio 1
independent.ie/irish-news/ho … 53889.html


John McGuinness FF and Ed Honohan (Master High Court) on Newstalk now discussing setting up a ‘friendly’ Vulture fund to buy mortgages off of people in difficulty ‘to keep them in their homes’ and out of the courts/homelessness.
The fund will raise money on the open market and a National Co-Op Housing Agency will deal with people on a 1 to 1 basis…sounds like a State bank to me


BBC - 5 part series challenging successful landlords to spend an eye-opening week living in one of their own rentals, on their tenant’s budget, to see life through their tenant’s eyes bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08wzwhq

In Milton Keynes, millionaire landlord Paul moves into his slum house



Watched this last night - good show.


I’d live in any of the rentals I manage.
And in fact, for many months of the year I do. :smiley:


Sean O’Rourke now…discussing stopping all repossessions of houses where kids live with Minister for State Boxer Moran. He has a Bill on stopping repossessions which he wants Govt to progress.
Dan O’Brien and Mary Murphy (Lecturer in Maynooth) now discussing the bill.

Mary believes there’s going to be a significant ramping up of repossessions of family homes in the next year or two…where have we heard that before!
Dan is saying there’s no need for this as repossessions are already practically non-existent. Plus a bill like this will ensure our mortgage rates remain the highest in Europe and the general public need to be aware of this.


Hall is on Pat Kenny now talking about Tsunami’s again.


Landlord on Joe Duffy now who took in 3 HAPS scheme families who were homeless living in a hotel. They’ve caused nothing but trouble for other tenants in the estate and have destroyed the neighbourhood. Local Authority have told him it’s his problem now. He’d leave properties vacant for a year rather than allow HAPS people in again.
Minister Murphy is driving him ‘quare’ and he ‘needs to take the golf ball out of mouth with that Oxford accent’!

He’ll take no more HAPS tenants into the many places he rents out. Some of them have stopped paying their contributions and so the whole HAP payment is stopped without notice.

Sounds like it’s that Connors fella over on Landlord.ie :laughing: