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I missed most of Find Me a Home on RTE1 but the #Findmeahome is hopping with sort of "You get €1500 on HAP and Jeez they have 4 kids and another on the way bet they dont get up early in the morning


The question did pop into my head about a few of the couples on the show


BBC2: Billion Dollar Deals and how they changed your world

Truely fascinating about online transactions were introduced, lots of hints at unexplored avenues f further interweb reasearch

For those lucky enough to know how to access a UK VPN: fill your boots (hopefully appears on youtube)
bbc.co.uk/programmes/b096sjb … des/player


BTL Landlord whining to Joe on Liveline about the bank being on his back.
He owed €165k on the mortgage, bank sold BTL for €110k. He owes ~€55k. Bank wants its money, he says No.
The tenant apparently bought it.


This Crowded House on rte2 now with Brendan Courtney, helping young adults to get out of their crowded parent’s houses.

It seems that steel tech sheds in back gardens are the answer to the housing crisis in Ireland! No wonder the snowflakes are touchy…I’d be fairly tender myself


The full Rugby World Cup 2023 Evaluation Report is available here.


We simply don’t have the infrastructure, the telecommunications systems, the experience, the capacity or the money to host the competition. Of course there is still a possibility that we could end up being awarded it because of the weighting of votes, and the politicians and sports administrators are playing up that possibility.

Is there any chance? No. Absolutely none. The World Cup bid is dead. Rather than looking at what the politicians are saying now it’s more instructive to look at what was being said about the projected voting outcome when it was assumed that our bid would perform well in the evaluation process.

Here’s an example.
irishtimes.com/sport/rugby/ … -1.3234292

The key point being that even though England, Scotland and Wales would be very much supportive of the Irish bid, the idea that they would go against the evaluation report was considered very remote.


David McWilliams is back on about the 2nd property bubble in a generation. :unamused:
TV3 tonight 10pm.

It’s such a joke they could book David Walliams for the next one.


Also tucked away on bbc2 7pm is an interesting series currently (which I think is a repeat) on the ‘super rich and us’. Last night’s one was on the London property bubble and foreign cash not trickling down as planned since the late 70s. battersea power station (ex nama site of course) got a mention.

Tonight’s one is around workplace disruption and the role of the super rich.


Watched that online. IMHO the format of the show could have been better. It felt jarring. Jumping around between the speakers and the audience members… then ad breaks …then comedy interlude which I wasn’t able to get into after all the jumping around before.


Oh I love google - it’s join the dots time

independent.ie/irish-news/c … 81633.html

enviro-solutions.com/dailyne … -bikes.htm

rte.ie/news/ireland/2017/08 … rickshaws/

herald.ie/news/courts/ricksh … 07169.html


Oh nice one! Very nice…


rte.ie/news/2017/1101/91684 … broadcast/

(Archived link: archive.is/WmA9I)


France have been awarded the Rugby World Cup. Ireland received 8 votes out of 39.


I thought today was just to eliminate one country and then there is another round of voting between the remaining two?
EDIT: Just read the news an understand both rounds of voting took place today.


Meantime, on Liveline now.
graphic stories about being homeless in Dublin and the hundreds of jobsworth charities in the homeless industry


5 bedroom house in Sth Dublin with 24 people living in it now being discussed on Joe Duffy by concerned neighbour.
House fully emptied out in 1 night ahead of a DCC inspection recently. Sounded like it was a party house, plenty of music, drink and drugs late at night.
120k rent roll for the year on a house that was purchased just 3 years ago for 300k.

Sounds only half full by today’s standards!


Pat Kenny show now…report from the repossessions court in Galway


Joe Duffy now…residents who are having issues with houses purchased by Simon charity and the tenants they have put in there (1 instance sounds like its Roma).

Simon see a house thats advertised for sale which they think would suit their ‘clients’ and they approach the Dept of Environment for a grant to buy it. Thus they could be outbidding Joe or Mary Public who are interested in that house also.
But it sounds like they are doing nothing/very little to deal with the anti-social behaviour that is being reported to them. 1 house in question is currently empty for some time as the residents are being moved on elsewhere due to various reasons including the anti-social behaviour complaints. Locals wondering how the house can be left empty for so long given the level of homelessness out there. Sounds like Simon won’t rehouse anyone there until they have 100% secured accomm for those that have moved on.

Do-Gooders now ringing in complaining that we have become ‘too middleclassed’ because of neo-liberal capitalism. And the locals should be ashamed of their NIMBYism


Caller used the ‘Itinerants’ term
but why is the whole family ‘sick’?

Fascinating discussion! Simon have 9 CEOs and DublinSimon have €8m in reserve.
Moved to a class discussion quickly


Simon spokesperson said they have 9 separate Simon entities around the country but only 3 have CEO’s (he thinks!). What do the other 6 have?
Apparently, the way he explained it, they have to keep 50% of their revenue (the Govt element perhaps only, which was €15m) as reserves. It’s a legal obligation. Sounds a bit off to me. Anyone know anything on this?