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It renders this old Pin thread a bit quaint:

2013 the year of repossessions?

2013, 2018, 2023?


Arrears on Primetime now

Hall of course. V’s Deeter


Yesterday’s IT Property section had an article about RTÉ looking for adults trying to move out of their parents’ houses for a new show. Presented this time by Brendan Courtney instead of John McGuire…
It also had half a page on the value to be had in Bulgarian property. Lots of quotes from a guy who runs a Bulgarian property site called appreciatingassets.ie…

I had to check the date to make sure I wasn’t reading a copy from 2006.


The IT are the biggest bunch of hypocrites going


You gotta be kidding me! XX


I look forward to a strong opinion piece from Fintan O’Toole on Tuesday condemning this in the strongest possible haughty tones of his…that is, if he can take a break from campaigning for abortion and making fun of the Brits over Brexit!

Is the price now right for Bulgarian property investments?
A large one-bed apartment in Sunset Resort cost €100,000 in 2010 and sold for €45,000 in 2018
irishtimes.com/life-and-sty … -1.3472723

The piece was written by


Dr Ciara Kelly Newstalk
discussing the housing rental for weeks now 1200-1330

Do buyers or renters have a hope in the housing market?
Today about older people renting being made homeless in rural areas


OK, I’m now calling Bubble Internet!
Earlier I clicked on a link / ad at the top of this website, it took me through to a website for apartments for sale in a holiday resort / spa blah blah blah. But nowhere did the website say where the development is, or if it has even been built! Never came across this before where they are asking you to register interest (give us your email address and phone number) without even telling you what it’s all about, except the usual guff about superlative finish and lifestyle bluh bluh bluuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. So I looked around on the web for some clues as to where the development is and after a while identified it is in Florida, but don’t you think they might want to tell you that kind of useful information on their website??


Campaign on Liveline has just started to get Dr Sam off his jail time for tax evasion. Locals in Howth have started a petition to get him off
thejournal.ie/gp-jailed-for- … 1-Jun2018/

The mighty Des Peelo on defending him now and Des knows all about high profile folk with tax problems!


Update on DrSam…He’s in the Joy and the wife visited him today which was very distressing for all per Joe.
There’s a public meeting in Howth Monday eve to show support and apparently the front of his house is like a shrine, such is the amount of flowers left outside by well wishers.

Cllr Jimmy Guerin was on today’s show and was appalled at the jailing of DrSam, while at the same time saying he didn’t condone tax dodging.

Ireland at it’s very best the past 2 days, all live on our national radio station


But did you not hear Jaco, who had her 1yr untaxed vehicle confiscated by Gardaí and went on Joe to moan for 45 friggin minutes?
She’s also from Howth
Hilarious stuff**
twitter.com/rteliveline/status/ … 8384750593
twitter.com/rteliveline/status/ … 9266098176
twitter.com/rteliveline/status/ … 1257646081**


Boyd Barrett on Pat Kenny show now discussing ‘radical measures’ to solve the housing crisis

  1. CPO of derelict properties. Special teams in each LA to go out identifying the sites/properties
  2. Private developments 10% social housing should go to 20% minimum or instead of waiting for the houses to be built and then having houses handed over, 20% min of the land should be handed to the LA at the start


£165k/€187k for a new 4bed detached in Banbridge, 25km from Belfast :bulb:


Adding in the Irish Vat takes you to €212k
Stick on Development levies and Irish Water charges and you will be well over €250k

However €200k will still buy a detached 4 bed in Dundalk.

touch.daft.ie/louth/houses-for- … th-1754315


Eoghan Murphy blowing hot air on Newstalk
housing completion errors


He really is all over the place. Sounds like a man who wants out of that Dept asap


Newstalk now
Housing volatile market - boom bust boom…bust


Karl Deeter talking about vulture funds and their importance.

Begins at 2:10.

soundcloud.com/wlrfmwaterford/d … amon-keane


Who Do You Think You Are, Bertie Ahern

No really, it is appearing on rté television later this year