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Sesame Street: Meet Lily, the first homeless muppet

Normalization. Not good.


Michael O’Flynn was on Newstalk Breakfast this AM looking for the CB to raise it’s mortgage limits to 4.5 times salary


Newstalk Pat Kenny show now discussing the housing crisis, constitutional right to housing. Karl Deeter and Richard Boyd Barrett also.


Karl Deeter v Richard Boyd Barrett on PatKenny
property tax, social housing, nimbyism - Pat mentions his own objection in Dalkey

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Ah that was an entertaining argy bargy


Arizun stay in your home solutions…a MtR type scheme for the squeezed middle who don’t fall under any existing government scheme.
On Sean O’Rourke show now

Distressed homeowners contact them. They then contact the bank where the value of the home is discussed. Thats what the fund will pay and the bank takes the hit on the difference v’s the mortgage.
€100m fund. Irish owned.
Horizon own your house and give you a long term lease with an option to buy.
Like to see themselves as a ‘pension fund rather than a vulture fund’.
Market rent is charged (surely that will be higher in Dublin than the current mortgage payment in most cases).
You can buy the house in the first 6 years at the price the fund paid + 40% of price appreciation during that term.


Just another attempt at Nama beag, via the back door. This time with a middle man in between. The losses on the Mortgages are absorbed by the Banks, which means by the taxpayer who doesn’t get paid back the capital injected into the Banks. Who can quantify the extent of this loss to the taxpayer?, would it be up before the Public Accounts Committee at any stage. I await the day. There is not one political grouping willing to tackle this issue, meantime the suckers who pay their way/live within their means, scrimp and save ( the majority at all times, by definition of a bail out) will foot the bill.


Brendan Burgess discussed it on the Ciara Kelly show earlier
Arizun and Charlie Weston on The Last Word now also


Paul Murphy TD and Fintan McNamara (Landlords Assoc) on Pat Kenny show now discussing the latest Tenants Rights legislation going before the Dáil this week


Strategic defaulters on Joe Duffy now talking about what they prioritise ahead of their mortgage and also a lot about ‘owning the banks’ ‘rights to a shelter’ etc

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notable that the caller being threatened with eviction faced some challenge from a common sense caller who pointed out the facts of life. Of course he was dismissed as an awful person, but fair play that man. Also the loan is with BOI who have paid back the state fully and then some.


Another elderly woman on now who downsized and got out of Dublin rather than strategic default. This was despite her having to care for her husband who had a major stroke. Tough for her, but she engaged, held her hands up and got on with it. Fair play


Anecdtoally I’ve heard there is fierce competition for Bungalows at the moment. :hushed:


This couple will feature on Primetime tonight

They owe 25m after a failed hotel investment. But are claiming the company with that debt is seperate to the company that owns their home which operates as a BnB/their home in Ballsbridge
The Fund values the house at 3m.

Can’t see them getting to stay