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2005 - another year left in the bubble

Evelyn Newman, Cypeir Estates, explains that a lot of people cannot afford to buy homes in Ireland but want to invest in property. Buying overseas offers them this opportunity.

You can’t afford to buy at home, so you buy in a country you know nothing about (except for that week on the Costa del Sol).

15 years later, I’m sure those “investors” have lots of stories to tell. How is their Spanish now?


I’d be more interested in the levels of Bulgarian and whatever language they speak in Cape Verde…Portuguese?

A suggestion that Ryan Air will be flying there soon was generally the prelude to it being deemed a ‘no brainer’.

Ah the good old days…followed by a decade of drug and alcohol withdrawal, suicides, mass emigration and declining birth rates.

Will we ever see the like again?


Ah with the help of God and Fianna Gael, we will



A pretty bearish Paul Sommerville drops one or two truth bombs about the economy on Dunphy’s podcast.

Ep 1308: Printing Money Causes Inflation And That’s A Major Threat This Year

Market Analyst Paul Sommerville, CEO of Sommerville Advisory Markets, talks to Eamon about China and the global markets and the prospects for stock markets in the year ahead.