Bubble T-shirts

So, will the PP be doing a T-shirt line:


…or maybe the slogan…“soft landing? like feck”

Yes, but,

  1. Is this image copyright free?

  2. If so do you have a nice high res version?

copyrighted unfortunately…

We can do our own…

Just a modified version of the front page would be fine…

I can get a vector of my avatar if anyone is interested. A friend of mine did it for me. :slight_smile:

<=== Avatar image

It’s cool alright, Whizzbang…

I’d be certainly interested in seeing a high res version!

Here ye go: zazzle.com/product/235127858612446073


Some angry disgruntled “investor” and FTB types might attack ya if you are seen wearing one! ya know what us irish are like with property/land