Bubbles bursting - RTE coverage

RTE continues it’s coverage of the property crash with our auld friend Liz joined by property developer Sarah Beeny


Irish Property Special
With the property market in a state of flux at the moment, the RTÉ Guide has enlisted the help of six experts - Sarah Beeny, George Lee, Liz O’Kane, John McGuire, Duncan Stewart and Jim Smyth - to give their advice on coping in these difficult times


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oh Lord save us.

why are the people who held the floor on the way up the ones giving the advice on the way down? that in itself is a contradiction…

surely the ones who know the downside solutions should be the ones who have been saying it all along?

A lot of what Sarah Beeney says is actually quite rational and she always points out that making money from capital appreciation is not to be relied on. Also according to her btl investors should be looking for yields of 10%.

You could’t make this sh1t up! Has the lovely liz managed to sell her house yet? Blind leading the blind springs to mind…

Precisely ! :imp:



Not wishing to contravene the site’s “no glee” policy, but never knew who Liz was until I found this site,

I quite like Sarah, she has a lot of cop on, and seems to really know what she’s talking about, it’s not really property porn spouting from her.

But that Liz one … saw her on TV about a month ago and was shocked by how bloody naive she was. I can see now why ye guys slag her off so much.

Also, look at the pic of the bathroom on daft (link in post above) … do you have to take a dump against the mirror, or how exactly do you use that ridiculously narrow bathroom?

It has nothing to do with naiveté. The advice given to FTB’s on her show was questionable to say the least.

Questionable, cheap production costs, jumping on British TV bandwagon, or downright suspicious?

Not sure if I accept it’s the latter, personally I think it’s RTE’s “sparse” budget trying to fill 30 mins by rippind off a tried and tested BBC/ITV/C4 formula.

lol. I think we need a worst interior design thread, a la worst value house …


I always wanted to view myself in a massive mirror while laying some cable, and now I can! All I need is €7,274 per month.

How, do you go for a dump with THAT mirror?
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Both McGuire and O’Kane used their pieces to promote their companies, the main thrust of O’Kane’s article is that it’s a good time to buy, but there’s so much choice you’ll need lots of time, which is where her company come in.

A choice quote from Liz:

“Right now just about every property on the market nationally has had its price revised by up to 30%”

€1.59 million! I wouldnt pay more than €490k for it. Its naff.

Never mind taking a dump, imagine the monthly lady tasks Liz gets to watch herself do.

Dude you’re going to be getting a rap on the knuckles from the mods for that, in fairness it’s a bit vulgar. Getting tips on negoatiating today’s property market from herself who can’t even sell her own house (or know where to hang a mirror) is a joke. She has lured plenty of innocents into buying showboxes so if she gets stung on her own house it would be glee free karma as far as i’m concerned.

Iguana is a she, last time she mentioned. So she’s get to embarrass us collectively I guess. :blush:

Chrissakes Ig, that’s completely beyond the bounds :imp: Shame. EDIT Wait, you’re a chick :question: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Anyway, I thought it was not a jax at all, but a bidet. So I can see how a mirror… never mind.

It’s just a natural bodily function. 8)