Bubbles bursting - RTE coverage

If architects lived in the houses they design… well need I say more.
(mirror is to distract form fact that space is limited to 3 feet of depth)

Come on now posters tackle Liz and stuff on the merits of her arguments & advise paid for by the tax payer beam into our BRAINS via the tellybox, not the fact that she too is feeling the hard reality of the property crash ironically she being a part player in its doing and eventually undoing, wittingly or unwittingly.

But she has set herself up as a home selling expert and is charging people for her expertise in helping them sell their house while she can’t sell hers.

Yes but when has reality & details ever mattered on planet Ireland?

Focus on the positive not the negative, you can have a half baked z-list celebrity **“sell” **©®™your gaff for a swindle and have something to talk about over champers & snow!

(the term **“sell” **©®™ is used in its 2008 amended premium edition and in no way refers to earlier versions of **“sell” **©®™, reality may rise and fall you may feel some nausea. Please consult your GP)

That’s not a mirror, it’s a window on an identical bathroom, all the rage these days.

Like the one in Fibbers, you could see into the ladies and vice versa (or was it the same toilet) I’ve said to much :blush:

TUG Beeny uses her appearence to her advantage in her media work and the fact RTE are bringing her in when crash is well underway is interesting. I am a fan of her appearance and her more realistic approach to property investment. I don’t think it was a vulgar allusion to her great assets.

That bathroom is almost unusable. There’s pretty much nowhere to keep any cosmetics, toiletries or a toothbrush. I’m betting there’s an ensuite somewhere else that’s a bit more practical.

God, she read the dummies guide to decor and got carried away - ‘if its a small room, put a mirror in it and solve the problem once and for all’. Yeah, problem solved.

When is this on?


This thread has got the comedy Oscar so far this year - I genuinely haven’t had so many belly laffs in yonks.

Would you be arsed with that piston broke gaff when all the real craic is out here in the sticks???

At the risk of being banned for sleazebagging…

I like your moxy

Are you single? edit ( just checked intros thread …damn your husband is a lucky man)


Who are you? Cecil B Demille?
Seriously dude! Next you’ll be liking the cut of her jib.

Lets get you caught up to the late 20th century. The phrase you were looking for was:

“Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter”
-Homer J Simpson



j@sus - that was something d’mammy used to say. Although she tended to use the expression to signify when she didn’t like the the cut of somebody’s jibe.

Memories of my childhood :slight_smile:

Calm down, no horse play.
You are all giddy goats today for some reason.

Bunch of scallywags.

The whole decor inside and out is very stark IMO, it all seems more suited to a modern city office than a home. Just my two cents worth. Also, 1.6 mill for a 3 bed, seems excessive. As mentioned by others, peddling herself as a design guru/property sales consultant, when she can’t sell her own gaff is ludicrous. Her position is untenable. :unamused:

This probably warrants a new thread, but what does everyone think the future holds for people like Liz and those who have enjoyed the boom years (assuming that we have a few tough years ahead of us)?

These people (developers/BTL’rs/estate agents etc) have a lot of influence with the current government. Many of them will fall upon hard times as they lose money on property (they can’t sell) and default on loans to banks. But due to their proximity to power will they be able to counteract their losses by pushing for help from the government in the form of grants/laws etc? This help if any will most likley be of little or no use to the ordinary Joe Soap.

I’m just wondering because I believe that the ordinary decent working class person is fcuked over no matter whether the ecomony is booming or collapsing.

A long and very succesful career with RTE.

No question. She ticks ALL the boxes.


Interestingly the guy who built the house bought the site for IR£60k 10 years ago.

Rte employ people like Liz, they “give” over a million of our* money to a flynn. I don’t really have a point just throwing it out there.

*if you pay your licence fee

I consider her to be a slightly updated Bibi Baskin myself .

Anyone remember Bibi, darling Bibi ??