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“The Lords’s Prayer” - (audio) link: Telegram: Contact @ShadowofEzra

Sounds like an An Ode to #crsq

In April 2022, the Elections Act 2022 was passed by the UK Parliament. The
Act will require voters in Great Britain to show photo ID before being issued
a ballot paper in polling stations at UK Parliamentary elections, local council
elections and referendums in England and police and crime commissioner
elections in England and Wales.
Voter ID is designed to prevent personation’, the crime of pretending to be
someone else when you vote. The Government acknowledges levels of fraud are low but argues that every ballot matters, and that voter ID will protect.voters from having their vote stolen.

This channel at least rescue in the past suggested taking your money out of the banks.

Where to put it instead though?

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The denial of left wing political violence in the US is huge. This story is going away, a Soros funded DA will manage to get a couple of Atlanta PD in trouble and make sure all American police are cowed into submissiom to Antifa for the forseeable future.

I listened to this a few years ago

Peterson questions Michael Eric Dyson about left wing political violence repeatedly and he failed to give any coherent answer and eventually completely lost it.

The whole premise of modern left wing US politics is that it is just exists as a counterbalancing force to the extremes of the prevailing right wing forces that are constantly in the ascendancy and while even otherwise open minded public figures like Jonathan Haidt will try to mangle and twist events to fit that narrative (e.g. in The Coddling of the American Mind) nothing could be further from the truth. Hence the hysterical denials of the existence of any left wing political violence.

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