"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



Prosecutors said Buck exploited vulnerable, primarily Black men by paying them to come to his home, use drugs, then engage in sex play to satisfy a fetish.

“Buck breaking” as it seems to be called. Is this why Ed Buck changed his name ? Don’t rule it out, these fetish guys are monsters


Buck Breaking is a 2021 documentary, directed by Tariq Nasheed. A black buck was a slang term for an unruly male slave, and breaking a buck meant using forced sexual intercourse to punish them. It is claimed that the practice of “buck breaking” eventually became so popular, that specialized “sex farms” were created, and that “African slaves were bred just for the purpose of being raped by their white masters”.[2] Tariq added the claim that the emasculation of black men was transferred to their DNAs, and this is the cause of higher rates of homosexuality/transgenderism in black people.[3]


“Buck Breaking” is a complete and total fabrication. Like all of the “Black Slave Abuse” narratives. There is more than enough genuine documentation of terrible physical abuse of slaves by a small minority of owners pre 1863 without utterly fraudulent garbage like this being invented.

Its basically little more than the projection of the BDSM fetish fantasy of people like Tariq Nasheed. They make up any old shit and claim its “history”. And how dare anyone challenge their “history”. Because they are “oppressed” everything they say cannot be challenged. No matter how ludicrous. Or fraudulent.


Both might be true though.

It could be a total fabrication as well as being a fetish for some perverts.


Both could be untrue too.

  1. whitey made us gay.
  2. sex kink made the old democrat man a killer.

IMO, these stores are simplified and distorted versions of the aspects of reality that people would prefer not to think about.


Yeah that’s true though. He even changed his name to match his kink.



A timely reminder or a PREPARE signal for assets and operatives appearing in the MSM and/or a soft revelation of the method? The MSM are like the fringe of 20 years ago, it’s like the 90’s fringe internet populates the daily headlines.

Ireland among ‘top five nations’ to survive collapse of civilisation


Yesterday we were all going to die.
Today we are all going to survive.

Thing is, who are the “we”? :ninja:

Biden’s ‘global minimum’ tax rate 21%-28% carries "BIG DANGERS" for Ireland

I was reading that snippet and thinking the same thing, that’s a bit far out, worth more for their labour that kinky humanoid sex bot slaves… I mean it’s like Biden said that people thinks he suck babies blood or something, next it will be he grows babies in farms to have a fresh supply of babies to suck their blood.

Anyhoo, I’m only leaving this tangent in here because it has the world “Buck” in it… Back on topic!


IT reporting on it too.


Ah these people…


A whole bunch of people with what used to be called Ecology degrees.

So basically the people who could not get into the Sociology Dept.


Knew Ed Buck was a big Democrat / Clinton donor.

Did not know he was also apparently an elector?


Yes he was an elector. Thats how much the LA and California Dem Party covered up for him. That was in 2016, when it was very well known that Buck drugged, raped, tortured and killed young men. I’m trying to remember when the first escaped tortured victim got any media coverage. I think about 2007.

There again Harvey Milk was a sexual predator who raped run away kids and yet he is consider a politic deity by the Democratic Party. They even named a school after him. A few blocks from where he used to prey on and rape the runaways.


Cuomo and now Pelosi? :thinking:


Emergency Alert System Test - Today

Release Date:

June 11, 2021

WASHINGTON – FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) this summer.

The national test will consist of two portions, testing WEA and EAS capabilities. Both tests will begin at 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 11.


Well, She IS 81, should have retired years ago!


But she is the money lady. She directly controls the collection and distribution of several hundred million in party “donations”.

The last House Speaker election makes no sense unless you follow the money. Thats why her Dem Party opponents failed. They dont have direct access to so much hot money and the means to efficiently distribute it to their political “friends”.


The WEA part of the test seems to be delayed until today, August 12th?


What this all about eh?


The guy is just some heath care industry government bureaucrat. He was they guy they brought in when the ObamaCare website collapsed. It kinda worked after a while. But still did not work very well. Since then he has moved from one government healthcare bureaucratic post to another. So a DC Swap Person. A career bullshit artist.

I would not take him seriously. They might have kidna accurate annual flu shot records but the COVID vaccine roll out was such an organizational cluster fuck in most states there are only limited records of who got what. I’d be surprised if they have accurate records on more than 30% of vaccine shots given. And that would be mostly just those who got it though their health insurance providers.

Then there is the fact that whatever they try to roll out it will be trivial to fake. Lots of very accurate information out there already. Lots of people in the health care system who dont go along with the bullshit.


I am seeing the picture on the left a lot more often in mainstream SoMe. Been circulating a while, but a lot more often now.

This one was from twitter!


Not him.