"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



One station (Real America’s Voice) kept calling DC a “Greenzone” today - checkpoints and security everywhere.

Nearly starting to look more like an occupied territory than a security zone with 25-30,000 (if reports are true) troops there… There are 30+ news articles calling DC a “Garrison” city right now - here’s the yahoo one , only site I vaguely recognize tbh


Funny you should mention “occupied territory”, perhaps there is a lot more truth in that headline - have 11.3, 11.4 and 11.6 been decoded or was this jsut throw out int he 11th hour to connect a dot or distract?

Some lite reading (PDF) https://tinyurl.com/dod-law-of-war-manual


That’s an - interesting and intricate graphic…

As I say - who knows. Main thing right now is keep calm and carry on I guess (and stock up on popcorn and stay out of trouble), but with events just being so strange, I think I’d go slightly mad without somewhere to post… none of my friends or family follow the cognitive dissonance of events like this, they all listen to MSM, or watch programmes (NCIS, Madam Secretary type stuff). Interesting times and I just hope they don’t get too interesting.

Here’s a graphic of the current DC lockdown from the show (Warroom, Steve Bannon & Co.)… they used the term “Greenzone” repeatedly, started using it maybe Friday or Saturday? And pointed out that security wasn’t this tight even after 9/11 or similar events.


It feels like 2645 days (7 years, 2 months, 27 days) waiting for a mighty feed of :popcorn:The Hearts Great Will, may be showing at theatres across the world soon enough, or when the menace is gone.


Started down the rabbit hole from here would you believe - Dublin property prices made no sense, so started looking at here for trends over a decade ago (esoteric/unknown greek mythology username from a defunct lycos e-mail, was there [quietly] at the PinProtest on Kildare street!), then reading insights into the whys, then additional sites like Namawinelake etc. and then on to others…


Speaking of soldiers being checked and vetted to see if they hold “appropriate” political beliefs…


Some other lite reading - release by WH this month


So it looks remarkably like some of the Antifa / BLM agitators took Pelosi’s laptop. The person of interest looks remarkably like the people I’ve seen in many hours of street video from Portland and Seattle, and seen in person in Berkeley and SF, and completely unlike the MAGA people. For a start no MAGA person would “sell it to the Russian FSB”. Every last MAGA person knows the story of the fake Steele Dossier and the massive FBI perjury involving with it. Wall to wall coverage in the MAGA friendly media. The most Russian unfriendly group in the US. Now the Anti-Trump people…

Just look at at image 13 in the FBI Statements of Facts…



The guy beside her is dressed Antifa street agitator, the two guys on the ground helping them down are dressed the same, everyone else in frame looks like a Trump supporter. If you watched lots of the video from the Capitol and especial those doing damage and then stopped by those around them the dress of those 4 will look very familiar. There were people dressed just like that, and very different from the MAGA folk, rioting in Portland several night in the fed days and who shutdown I 5 in at Olive Way in Seattle just yesterday.

Then the perp was ratted to the FBI by an “ex boyfriend” . Ten days after she had disappeared and covered her trail. Sorry, this is straight out of the Anarchist Handbook, not the Art of the Deal.


Hang on a sec, so the laptop (riot) snatch was an inside job and they’re using the “sell it to the Russians” as a cover for being caught red handed. Say it ain’t so… :rofl:


I’m going to need more popcorn today… :popcorn:

The Queen of Projection speaks.

Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton

@SpeakerPelosi and I agree: Congress needs to establish an investigative body like the 9/11 Commission to determine Trump’s ties to Putin so we can repair the damage to our national security and prevent a puppet from occupying the presidency ever again.

Audio @ Src https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/1351297926769872899


I think it was more opportunistic. But the fact she went to a big demo with a very large shoulder-bag is very odd. Backpacks are recommenced wear, never should bags, handbags etc. Looks like a gear bag, change of clothes bag. She would have most likely left in a different change of clothes.

This is standard procure by ops at riots. There is video on the day showing at least two or three people changing some clothes during the riots. Again standard ops The fact that the only other laptop stolen was from an Oregon senator was what made me think it was an Anfia op. Plus the fact that a security key reset for all secure laptops was done almost immediately tells me that it was not some PowerPoint laptop. That step is not taken lightly.

What makes it even odder is that the house IT infrastructure was totally comprised a while ago and that scandal was buried very quickly. So no third party state organization would waste their time doing something like this. There are far easier ways of get the intel they want.

Like this way…


Maybe they decided it was just a bit too soon to use the “oops forgot to pay the computer repair shop” one again?

The rumours about that are :grimacing::grimacing::face_vomiting::disappointed_relieved:


Nothing will surprise me about the “R Williams” story. If you told me she was born a man I’d not be surprised.

I mean Pennsylvania care workers all know someone who knows someone in the KGB. Totally normal.


All eyes on https://twitter.com/SecPompeo


If she was Anifa however, it would be quite plausible. They are after all hardliner Marxists etc who juts loved the Soviet Union. So the Post Modern Soviet Union of Putin is just their kind of country.

For anyone else, forget it. Been working with Russians in the techiest part of the tech business for decades. Reckon only one might have had easy access to FSB types if only because he went to a particular school in Moscow.

Known a lot of Russian expats, a very large number in the City as the Russian community has been large enough to support a Russian Orthodox cathedral for a hundred years. Probability that a causal Russian acquaintance would know someone who works in the Lubyanka. About zero. And that’s in a place where lots of Russians actually live


In case you were wondering…


Game on, perhaps… or maybe just the usual noise.

There was some really weird shit going on in 1973/ 74. The last time this happened.

Now here is something weird. If you do a google search on COGCON the second results is a fake site.

This one.


Here is the background…



The guy behind it has an interesting editing history on wikipedia and elsewhere.

Now COGCON is a fairly important part of government policy so why is the second result returned by google a fake site. Not an official federal website. A fuck up? Seems like a weird search query to screw up.


Ah Dave Troy, rhymes with … well here is a flavour of the info warfare going in the global media matrix today of which I could almost imagine Mr Troy might approve of, am I right? :man_shrugging:

Previous coverage from Mr Troy.

Jan 11

The plan is for there to be chaos nationwide in most all 50 states on Jan 17, and for Trump to invoke the insurrection act so he can make vague claims about the election and de-legitimize and/or stop the inauguration. Let’s not fall for it.


Src: https://twitter.com/davetroy/status/1348622691641790473


Mr Troy is an interesting player then. The serious stuff is out of his league, looks like a rich kid with a bunch of hobby companies. So I would expect a mix of mostly low grade real stuff with a bunch of placed material. He would also be somewhat credulous about the other side so would mix in noise of his own. In these sorts of stories there are a least several hundred strands going on at any give time some reinforcing some negating others on their own side, and on the other side too. Fog of war and all that.

I think the main thing driving the Dem Party frantic paranoia is pure projection. What would we do if the election was stolen from us in such a blatant way. We see how they reacted in 2016 so they assume the other side will react even worse in 2020. Whereas in fact they will just lay low and play the long game. Unless another incident is concocted.

Other fun fact, that laptop lady has handed herself in to the police. I expect that’s story to be disappeared.

Just thinking back to the last Inauguration that had so much conspiracy swirling around it. In 1933. Except this time around half the population considers the election fraudulent. Not 20%. And Biden has to worry about his back far more than FDR did with the Al Smith crew. We already have proof that even Bidens dog is working for the party opposition.


Now we have extra cops (NYPD) being sent to DC… only 200 but still. Is it normal for DC to get extra cops sent to them for an inauguration? I know there’s no precedent for a virtual one, they have a lot of National Guard already, (some of which are now sworn in as US marshals.



Defo pre-recorded like all the previous ones, also sharing the same characteristics of being tightly edited to produce an unrelenting speech pattern, with a hint of increased speed applied to the AV, finally these are most probably all green-screened productions.