"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



A lot of firsts, but then again…

…There have been some unusual events surrounding the football under the different presidents, said presidential historian Michael Beschloss, an NBC News contributor.

The location of football “was an issue when JFK assassinated was in Dallas,” he said. “Reagan’s nuclear code card was accidentally thrown out at the hospital after he was shot in 1981. Clinton lost his nuclear code card for a few months in 2000.”


This is actually still live for Trump & Melania’s arrival in Florida.


JUST IN - Nuclear football heading to Joe Biden.

Video @ Src: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1351919937560915970


What’s interesting is that around 2M are watching the Trump livestream on a single non network channel and a combined 2.2M on the three national networks, CNN and CSPAN inauguration livestream .

Now that is unprecedented.

The overnight Nielsens should be very interesting.


Yea, I was going to make a similar point earlier. That has always been a feature. Biden online broadcasts are usually on the floor, the man who got a gazillion votes the most ever.

When both live stream of trump arriving Florida and Biden inauguration, had each, very little happening - Trump streams was still 97K vs Biden 31K


well, its all v quiet, wasn’t there something meant to be happening. The Happening?

looking forward to an indecipherable explanation.


What do you think was going to happen?


For a man who can perform well for the camera when it matters, Trump’s withdrawal from the White House this morning was poor and made for bad TV. He should have done a lot better. Why didn’t he go yesterday when he would have had the ratings? He was never going to win the ratings war when sharing with an incoming President.
Bad move


Less than you.


Good questions.


An inauguration. Looks like it did.


Didn’t get to see all of it - who swore Biden in? Chief Justice Roberts?




Viva el Presidente…

Viva el Nuevo Caudillo…

l am your new president.

From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish.


In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check.

Furthermore, all children under 16 years old are now 16 years old.


I think the odds of Biden being POTUS come February have shortened.

I look forward to the next Q drop.


At what time was Joe Biden sworn in exactly?
Just seen on twatter… or is that normal for continuity?

For comparison, Wiki says:

Administered by Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts, the presidential oath was taken by Trump as his first task after becoming president at noon,

Obama, in 2009 (despite there being an issue, and retaken the following day?):

In reality, Obama did not even have to be sworn in on Tuesday. There is a near-consensus among lawyers and politicians that he became president at noon on Tuesday, and had been for four minutes when he took the oath of office at 12.04pm.


Found a whole bunch of timecoded CSPAN videos going back to 1992. All but Obama in 2013 were after 12 noon EST. Usually 3 to 5 mins after. Obama in 2013 was 11.50am. But in that case he was already President.

So it looks like the Biden Oath may be invalid, or maybe not. Not sure of the Constitutional standing since FDR moved it from March after 1933. If you were conspiracy minded you might think as the Oath was premature and may not have any legal standing what exactly is Bidens loyalty to the Constitution, legally speaking.


No precedent for a virtual inauguration, so who knows - thanks for the input and checking further back!

I notice that they used the civil (13 stripe vertical) flag on the mall. Again, don’t know how typical that is, caught my eye though as we see it so rarely.



Thats the usual flag for these occasions.

The reason for the virtual inauguration is they did not want to be embarrassed by how few people turned up. Almost no people turned up for any of the election events. Press usually outnumber supporters. Reports are they tried to bus in people like they usually do for these photo-ops but almost no takers. The Democratic party had no problems filling the cities with hundreds of thousands of “peaceful” demonstrators at the height of the epidemic in June but even though total respiratory deaths are lower than normal at the moment, all flu deaths are “COVID”, it seems it was just “too dangerous”.

The next big question is if they will reduce the security clampdown in central DC very soon. There are a hell of a lot of pissed off NG on the streets at the moment. They did not sign up for this type of overtly political display of military force. And if the Dems push their luck too far there might be trouble sooner than they expect. Already a whole bunch of governors are saying publicly never again will they send their NG to DC or any equivalent purely civil situation.

My main worry is that Pelosi really is mentally unbalanced. I heard her speaking a few days ago and she was only a shadow of who she was even a few years ago. Which is not saying much. The last time so many old and senile people where at the center of power in an important country was in the early 1980’s Soviet Union. And they came very close to launched a per-emptive nuclear war in 1983 based purely on their senile paranoia and some totally irresponsible behavior by a whole bunch of politicians in the West making the situation worse by their utterly unprincipled attacks on national leaders like Reagan, Thatcher and Kohl. Oscar Lafontaine being the worst, utter scum. I was not surprised when he later set up a political party with the old East Germany Communist Party.

We have been here before. Its now scary as shit and we getting very close to a 1968 moment if the Dems dont stop their paranoid delusions. When the shit really hits the fan. Either way its going to get ugly everywhere once enough people realize that the Covidian Hysteria has destroyed large parts of the economy and basically 20 or 30 years years of living standards improvements are gone for large segments of society. Mostly the people in the middle. And when the people in the middle loses faith in liberal democracy thats when the really bad stuff starts happening.


Moving back to Trump’s farewell - oddly although he asked for a 21 gun salute, I think he only got 19 - I counted in the video (in OW’s post above, from 51 minutes or so), it is being reported as being a 21-gun salute though:

At least the 17 flags in his backdrop were all the usual ones