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True I guess - Hilary’s outfit in 2016 looked much the same!




Box of frogs. Big box too.


Sorry, could not stop laughing. She has turned completely into one of the Shuffle Ladies you see on Fillmore St.

If you sit for any length of time on the benchseat outside the Peet’s Coffee at California and Fillmore you will see a number of Shuffle Ladies pass by. Sweet Old Dears dressed in very expensive clothes, some even wealthier than Nancy, often mumbling quietly to themselves as they do the rounds of the very expensive boutiques. Always only window shopping. They are usually pretty lucid when talked to but there is always a hint that they may drift off at any moment. Which they sometimes do.

Whoever Nancy Pelosi the politician once was that person is now long gone. Just the Shuffle Lady is left.

And thats the Democratic Party in a nut-shell. Three early stage senility leaders, Biden (78), Pelosi (81), and Sanders (79) and the very spry in comparison 70 year old Chuck Schumer who was already a complete raving nutcase 30 years ago.

Well it looks like at least most of the NG are going home. By the 24’th. Supposed to be the 6K locals NG units sticking around but not sure how that will fly with the Guardsmen as everyone was originally supposed to be home by the 24’th. No one still has the slightest idea why those 2400 NG’s were Deputized. Its not like it was just the MP’s and those who were regular police officers it seems it was quiet a few ordinary schmucks too. So just another panic action by the look of it by someone at the top. Someone thought the regular police could not be trusted perhaps. If push came to shove. Of maybe it had to do with Nancy wanting 50 cals on top of the Humvee’s around the Capitol Building. It seems she does not realize that it takes a building or two to stop a 50 cal round.

Who knows. By this stage she and the people around her are completely nuts. They is no great master plan. Just panicked responses to random events by this stage. More to come I expect. Random shit, that is.

Makes you wish for the good old days of the Cold War were at least the world made a little bit of sense.


While watching that LIVE Biden videos had 1K viewers in the side bar. This had about 14K.

Thought she mentioned Biden was meeting with some General, didn’t catch the name. Interesting.

What I’m reading is Biden had to take a private flight to inauguration and the way that politico article was written, and revived, looking to blame Trump for the present admins ill preparedness, well tbh, reading it, it was almost as if Biden still not getting information from the pentagon or the full picture, without saying it outright. Some of the wording at least impressed a level of ambiguity. It was a red-heated article form last year, course there is such a level of information warfare going on it’s off the charts.


They all seem IMO, to have the narcissism dial stuck at 11.

Recall, this is back in April 2020…

Not much behind the eyes.


Well anyone who got their political start in Phil Burton’s office back in the 1970’s is by very definition a reptile. So there could be nothing behind those eyes.

Willie Brown is a lot of things, all of them horrible, but he was never the total monster that Phil Burton was. Willie is just like Charlie Haughey. Fawn and he blows you off with contempt, tell him to his face he is a crook and a fraud and he will laugh and treat you with respect. Whereas Burton would throw a tantrum, make threats, and depending on how drunk he was might even physically attack you. Burton was vicious violent alcoholic bully.

That’s Nancys political pedigree. That and her mafia friendly party machine boss dad back in Baltimore.


Why… is @germanydiplo linking a picture of an Oval Office movie set?




The Eagle has landed… one small step for Joe one giant leap for China. :wink:


Memory lane…

“Can an American citizen… be held as an enemy combatant for attacking the Capitol… the war is coming back to our shores.”


The former USSR of the early 1970s springs to mind when I look at US leaders these days, the people pulling the strings were so corrupt that they eventually collapsed the entire country.


The Steaks :cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat: :flight_departure:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said former President Donald Trump might be an “accessory to murder” in conjunction with the riots at the U.S. Capitol this month.

In an MSNBC interview that aired Tuesday night, the House speaker accused Trump of inciting the deadly riot at the Capitol on January 6, which left at least five people dead including a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

“President’s words are important, they weigh a ton,” Pelosi said of Trump. “And if you’re Donald Trump talking to these people, they believe it, and they used his words to come here.”

The California lawmaker added that, if some members of Congress conspired with the people who stormed the Capitol, they too would be considered accessories to crimes committed during the riot.

“When we talk about, ‘Did any of our colleagues collaborate?’ Well, that remains to be seen,” Pelosi said.

“We have to get the evidence of that. And if they did, they would be accessory to the crime. And the crime, in some cases, was murder. And this president is an accessory to that crime because he instigated that insurrection that caused those deaths and this destruction,” she added.


Waz goin’ on :man_shrugging:

Lauren Boebert @laurenboebert

The House was told to go home. Next week’s schedule is cancelled. Biden made it clear he can run the country with his pen. Congress is no longer necessary. #Bullcrap

[9:09 PM · Jan 21, 2021]

Src: https://twitter.com/laurenboebert/status/1352362625196314631




So she did it… is this why class is to stay at home? What is going on? :man_shrugging:


This is the archive for all those docs no longer available on the whitehouse site… So far I can find no executive anything issued by Biden, maybe I gone done it wrong - however, you can still see Trump PD’s the are about to go live on the 22nd and previous ones.


So these Executive Actions from a quick cursory read, carry no weight whatsoever, the article indicates they are merely “symbolic”.


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Bomb Back Better

“It was a rare attack in the Iraqi capital. The city has seen almost no such bombings since the military defeat of Islamic State in 2017.”


I agree with your opening supposition, and closing statement as broad points - Brexit is a good example of the group-detection-protection in effect, as are previous referendums on the EU in Ireland until they were usurped by the players. However, I was making a different point, or maybe not, here is more context.

First, many might find it easy to agree that for dis-information to be of value, it must be believed to be effective and/or so pervasive to remain seemingly unchallenged and therefore the defacto truth of the moment?

Yesterday the MSM pivoted their #QAnon assault campaign to try land a tactical strike on the emotional-level (demoralisation), and also create a narrative for wider consumption of massive loss, confusion, disarrays, devastation, anger and dismay.

The funny thing is they were at least a day late at that stage and things have moved on so fast you wouldn’t believe it… it can’t have been for those who would happily see the MSM burn to the ground, so who are they speaking to, the already converted or is it all fog of war stuff. :ninja:

Anyway here is but 1 page of search results under the news tab that give a flavour of unified style of coverage passed off as “news”.

Qanon followers left feeling confused, angry after Biden’s inauguration
Cleveland.com|31 minutes ago

Qanon followers grappled with anger, confusion and disappointment Wednesday as President Joe Biden was sworn into office.

Qanon Could Splinter into ‘Violent Offshoots’ After Trump Exit: ‘Humiliation Fuels Rage’
Newsweek|2 hours ago
Security experts are raising concerns about how extremist supporters of the conspiracy theory will react to the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Biden inauguration leaves Qanon believers in disarray
BBC|14 minutes ago
Followers of the baseless Qanon conspiracy theory are split over how to react after Joe Biden’s inauguration confounded their predictions that Donald Trump would remain president in order to punish his enemies in the “deep state”.

Avlon: Qanon supporters left desperate and disillusioned
CNN on MSN.com|31 minutes ago

CNN’s John Avlon says Qanon conspiracy theory believers have been left desperate and disillusioned now that President Joe Biden has been inaugurated and their grand plan to re-elect Trump failed
‘I’m just devastated’: Biden’s inauguration sows doubt among Qanon backers
Los Angeles Times|5 hours ago

President Biden’s inauguration has sown a mixture of anger, confusion and disappointment among believers in the baseless Qanon conspiracy theory.

Qanon believers are in disarray after Biden is inaugurated
CNN|2 hours ago

For years, believers of the Qanon conspiracy theory had been waiting for the moment when a grand plan would be put into action and secret members of a supposed Satanic pedophilia ring at the highest ranks of government and Hollywood would suddenly be exposed,

Qanon is mortally wounded. But the right’s conspiracy theories will never die.
Washington Post|12 hours ago

A key part of Qanon ideology is that President Donald Trump had heroically masterminded the resistance to that evil cabal, and his genius strategy to take its members down would soon come to fruition.

Qanon’s ‘Great Awakening’ failed to materialize. What’s next could be worse
The Guardian on MSN.com|13 hours ago
Believers who were stymied by Trump’s exit could turn to white nationalism and other extremist beliefs, experts say

‘Are you Qanon?’: One Trump official’s brush with an internet cult gone horribly wrong
Politico|16 hours ago
Some believed he was “Q,” the mythical figure behind an intricate and sprawling conspiracy theory. Here Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a senior Trump intelligence official, shares the story of his ordeal for the first time.

‘I’m About to Puke’: Qanon in Chaos as Biden Takes Office
The Daily Beast|15 hours ago
As it became clear that Trump was not, in fact, going to suddenly appear and order the arrest of all the Democrats,

Qanon believers began to wonder if they had been tricked.
Inauguration sows doubt among Qanon conspiracy theorists
Houston Chronicle|5 hours ago

For years, legions of Qanon conspiracy theory adherents encouraged one another to “trust the plan” as they waited for the day when President Donald Trump would orchestrate mass arrests, military tribunals and executions of his Satan-worshipping,

Qanon believers grapple with doubt, spin new theories as Trump era ends
Washington Post|16 hours ago

While some Qanon disciples gave way to doubt as Trump’s term ended, others doubled down on blind belief or strained to see new coded messages in the Inauguration Day’s events.

Qanon Faithful Believed Biden Would Never Be President. Now They’re Shocked, Heartbroken, And Angry.
BuzzFeed News|14 hours ago
Those people who believe in the Qanon mass delusion woke up Wednesday brimming with anticipation for the military to arrest Joe Biden and his Democratic co-conspirators, sweeping Donald Trump back into power.

Inauguration sows seeds of doubt in Qanon believers
Mercury News|6 hours ago
Some even floated the idea that the inauguration ceremony was computer-generated or that Joe Biden himself could be the mysterious “Q,” who is purportedly a government insider posting

Some Qanon followers lose hope after inauguration
NBC News|18 hours ago

The situation left some Qanon adherents with no choice but to write off the conspiracy theory entirely, though others continued to maintain that it was still developing. Qanon supporters believed Wednesday’s inauguration was an elaborate trap set by the former president,

Qanon conspiracy theorists grapple with anger and confusion after Biden inauguration
Chicago Tribune|12 hours ago
Some believers found a way to twist the conspiracy theory’s convoluted narrative to fit their belief that Biden’s victory was an illusion and that Trump would secure a second

Qanon Followers Express Disappointment on Social Media After Inauguration Passes Without Incident
Newsweek on MSN.com|17 hours ago

Qanon chatrooms were flooded with messages of disappointment and confusion from followers who thought Wednesday’s inauguration would lead to a “great awakening,” from Donald Trump. "It’s over and nothing makes
Some followers of Qanon conspiracy lose hope as Biden is inaugurated without incident
CNBC|20 hours ago

Some Qanon conspiracy theorists, in public and private internet forums and chat rooms, were despondent Wednesday as their prophecy of an Inauguration Day coup to keep Donald Trump in power failed again as President Joe Biden was sworn into office.

Trump leaves Qanon and the online MAGA world crushed and confused
Politico|14 hours ago
Inauguration Day 2021 was supposed to be a culminating moment for the legion of online conspiracy theorists and extremists who have rallied around the now former president. But the lengthy list of prophecies they’d been told would eventually happen under Trump’s watch never came.

‘No plan, no Q, nothing’: Qanon followers reel as Biden inaugurated
Reuters|10 hours ago
Instead, Democratic Joseph Biden was calmly sworn into office, leaving legions of Qanon faithful struggling to make sense of what had transpired. In one Telegram channel with more than 18,400 members,
Qanon Supporters Face Reckoning as Biden Is Sworn In as President
Bloomberg|16 hours ago
As the world watched Joe Biden being sworn in as the 46th president of the U.S., users in one corner of the internet struggled to grasp what they were seeing.

We Mock Qanon at Our Own Risk
New Republic|17 hours ago
Journalists laughed at followers of the conspiracy theory after an Inauguration Day prophecy failed to come true. But Trump-era extremists aren’t going anywhere.

Are You Or People You Know Leaving Qanon?
BuzzFeed News|14 hours ago
With President Joe Biden’s inauguration, many Qanon followers are having doubts. If you know someone who was a Qanon supporter but is now detaching from the collective delusion, we’d love to hear from you.
Qanon Followers Giving Up? Why Some Are Abandoning The Conspiracy Theories After Biden’s Inauguration
International Business Times|16 hours ago

Some Qanon followers on Wednesday appeared to have abandoned long-held conspiracy theories after witnessing Joe Biden sworn in as president. The reversal comes after conspiracy theories had circulated of Donald Trump bringing down the “deep state” before Biden took office and that Trump would have a second term.
‘I’m Just Devastated’: Inauguration Sows Doubt Among Qanon Followers

Bloomberg|1 hour ago
Keeping the faith wasn’t easy when Inauguration Day didn’t usher in “The Storm,” the apocalyptic reckoning that they have believed was coming for prominent Democrats and Trump’s “deep state” foes. Qanon followers grappled with anger,
The Proud Boys and Qanon conspiracists are starting to dump Trump

THE WEEK on MSN.com|7 hours ago
After Trump lost his re-election bid in November, Qanon influencers, the Proud Boys, and other far-right groups stuck by his side, echoing Trump’s false claim that Biden stole the election. "Hail Emperor Trump,

How a New Religion Could Rise From the Ashes of Qanon
The Daily Beast on MSN.com|4 hours ago
If the past has taught us anything it is that failed prophecies and frustrated predictions don’t always mark the beginning of the end for radical social movements.

Surely the MSM has better things to reporting, surely?

On that point, where are all the videos of Biden supported over-joyed at his win, from homes across the US, posted on instagram accounts, where is all that jazz… I would have expected to see it in the MSM at least, tears of joy, happiness, banner waving if even in same bubbles… or is it oh “social distancing”, yea well what happened to the “virtual”???

Strange if there was none I think you’d agree.

Finally, going back to the opening supposition. If such thesis is true and accurate.

Then who is right?


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