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Election Fraud Has Consequences

Interesting facts you say :female_detective:

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Myanmar heads to the polls in November. Read some interesting facts about this election which will see many firsts http://bit.ly/2xA5I42


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Some lady was doing here workout thang while in the background the “military” were also working overtime.

This is the enhanced directors cut special edition. :wink:


We’ve seen discussion on Jill’s shoes online (at least two, possibly three pairs) among other issues at the inauguration.

Now Nancy’s brooch…


So much going on… but, we should all take a moment to stop and appreciate this masterpiece that 2021 has brought the world.

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Buy silver and you will be happy. #silversqueeze


10:33 AM · Jan 31, 2021

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A Postcard from 2021


It’s not just there either is it.

Alarm clocks ringing for anyone?



A ray of light or boom?

Senate hearings soon.


Also recalling >100k cars

Plus spaceship blew up:



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BREAKING: @SecDef Lloyd Austin has directed a service-wide stand down to take place in the next 60 days. Each military branch will schedule a stand down to allow each service to have “needed discussions” on extremism in the ranks

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The order came from a meeting Austin held today with@thejointstaff @USNavy @usairforce @USArmy @USMC - “This is a leadership issue,” said Pentagon spox @johnfkirby63

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It seems Lloyd Austin is not the most popular political operator in the Pentagon. Among the troops further down the line. The only purpose of this overtly political move is for Austins crew to assert their power and to see who will toe the line and who is the most enthusiastic PC Kommissar.

What actually happens is most people keep their head down, repeat the PC bullshit they are required to repeat (just like in the Obama years) , and quietly note who the snitches are. For future reference. If the snitches cause trouble fragging is alive and well. Of the traditional sort when on deployment, a Negligent Discharge if the guy just wont get the message, and as an “accident” in the motor pool when at home base. It seems there are lots of ways for an unpopular guy to get in an “accident” on a working base. So it Out or Under if the snitch persists in causing trouble.

All Austin has done is make it much easier to identify the enemy for the guys currently serving. Anyone following Austins orders too enthusiastically will automatically be the enemy for the rest of the guys. They would rather keep politics out while at the “office”. It distracts too much from their real job - blowing up shit and stuff


4 Years later

Everyday another “QAnon” story and malign-by-association in the MSM headline, one of many.

“The House GOP seems only intent on what’s good for winning a primary, and McConnell is trying to win back a majority,” Buck said. “We cannot win back college-educated suburban voters without making clear this is not a party of conspiracy theorists and nuts.”

Greene claims to have the support of Trump. She has become the face of the so-called QAnon faction of the party, which includes a group of his supporters who promote online conspiracy theories that Trump has been facing down a cabal of Democrats and celebrities who engaged in child sex trafficking.

She claimed Wednesday that she is being victimized because of her identity as white, Christian and conservative, among other things.

The more you read about Burma situation, the more seems to be yet another huge human trafficking hub, another Haiti, diabolical stuff. TBH looks like Ireland is also a major player in that league. Make you want to puke.


I was there about 30 years ago, it seems nothing has changed!


You could say the same about Ireland.


I hate hate hate to think that, but with the history of the launderies, Tuam babies and the church pedophilia scandals :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: And there are stories from women trafficked into Ireland :frowning:


Not to slide the #BuckleUp thread but on that point, it was noted a long time ago and recorded on the pin, via the evidential timeline of the Garda missing people lists posted online, that IIRC get very busy early 00’s, where it seemed to become predominantly populated with missing Chinese nationals, before that it was a very low count, you’d probably recognise the face of the missing peopel up to that point so well know where their cases in the media or on lampposts in the 90’s. Not sure if it is online anymore the way it was but it told a real story of what was going on. Early signs of the turn a blind eye Open borders policies in force.


Trump 2019

Zucker 2021



Congress ‘QAnon’ purge is about outlawing dissent and anyone hoping to restore the Republic should hate it

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s labeling of Republicans as the “QAnon” party suggests that the latest Capitol drama isn’t about a single Georgia congresswoman, but about purging and repressing all dissent in Our Democracy.

To hear the Democrats and the mainstream media say it, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) is a clear and present danger, a threat of imminent harm that must be at the very least stripped of her committee assignments, or expelled from Congress altogether.


Steve Bannon in Warroom always poo poohed the Qanon stuff before. This week he was sayings that while he still thinks a lot is odd, there’s some stuff there worth looking at???

Greene got elected on that stuff. Think she had a bunch of the republicans giving her a standing ovation this week :flushed: Hard to find anything to read about it that isn’t totally partisan to one side or other though :woman_shrugging:


Night after night
Day after day
"Qanon" just won’t
(be let) go away.