"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



She’s got a neck like a jockey’s bollox.


What kind of switch-a-roo? You’re not still thinking that Trump’s returning to save the day? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Biden > Harris… but sure that was 30 days ago. It’s one of those speculations that has a cycle of about 2/3 month son the rumour mill wheel.

TBH I don’t think Mr T’s numbers and support has fallen all that much if at all. I think hey are still having the odd flotilla. He seems happy enough commenting for the winter winter whitehouse. :icon_cool:


Laughable that so many actually believe this stuff. Trump was an actor and he played his role well. I’ve zero interest in hearing what he has to say since being dumped out of office. :wink:


I’m still open minded about what exactly happened with Trump. His candidacy could have been a media/power elite plot designed to engineer what they thought would be a slam dunk victory for Hillary that went badly wrong or his entire presidency could have been designed to push nationalism and conservatism into a dead end. Face value (minus the q anon stuff) remains the most likely, although I am convinced he was swindled out of the election.


I’d say about 70/80 million US voters believe it or are happy to believe it as an explanation for his stance and interaction on the issue.

Plus they are mighty miffed and confused with Ivanka twitter shots photos - and now the second one! She’s certainly on message.


Lack of posting frequency does not mean need to Buckle up has receded, the very opposite, the most opposite in fact… if the analogy is not off the mark, think of it like a contraindication.

  • Cyberattacks loadz a happenin’ last few days. Ask Klaus Schwab and his trans-human-mates :thinking:

  • Shortages, big time - ongoing and feeding back i.e. stuff not manifestation in supply lines (you have gotten use to less since 2020 and try to be happy folks, chin up!) interplay between cyberattacks :thinking:

  • AZ audit - oh look BLM blocking traffic, oh look infrastruture pipelines cyberattack, oh look long lines waiting for gas in the US, here not there chaos misdirection :thinking:

  • Trump in the media still going heavy and attack (unless Father of Vaccine) in US Canada and elsewhere. It’s like he’s still president or something. :thinking:

  • Wash DC - Tabel Quiz Time

Q: If Leo Varadkar was a Capital City State which City State would he be?

A. Washington D.C.
B. The Vatican
C. City of London


  • Bitcoin rise, fall, rise again - is not an indication of it’s long term success or even existence, if you follow some signals/info, BTC go to 0? (soon). BTC too much China? Rise = shutdown of global mining operations? Last in line Iran/China? :thinking:

  • Israel - KaBoom, everyday a 9/11… rockets, iron dome etc. etc. :thinking:

  • The Rushed Pandemic doomsday event, year 2 facade is crumbling. Critical numbers of World waking up. Resistance growing. :thinking:

So many things.



If its Management Engine then things may start to get a bit frisky.


Everything in that post could be true, it could also be a larp.


The ME has been upfront and very visible since it was introduced. And despite what he says can be disabled. During fab. Or with physical access and the right test equipment. The full setup is probably in the $200K range but can be rented.

Now the really fun part is that the actual hardware exploit built into all Intel x86 chips (but not AMD) since the days of the Pentium M is much more interesting. And was hiding in plain sight until it disappeared from the hardware manuals about 20 years ago. Unlike the ME there is no way of detecting the exploit. Without putting the hardware on a very expensive testing rig. Standard test equipment wont detect it. Unless you are very lucky. Or the exploit payload is very sloppy.

The same goes for Windows. The antitrust settlement request by the judge to break up MS was overturned by the White House for “national security reasons” i.e the one part of the Windows sources code MS have never shared with third parties, the network stack.

Which is why if you want a secure system you run a home rolled Linux on AMD/ARM hardware and run all comms through a hardware packet sniffer. Just in case.