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The choice of which of the many things that ‘defy credulity’ the media report on is a useful indicator of what is to come.
I read Tom Luongo’s latest article about the reasons for Jon Stewart’s ‘Wuhan Biolab’ conversion From the Notebook – Jon Stewart Does Davos and initially thought it was highly speculative but if we start to see a lot more of this type of reporting (like the Mail article above) appearing in the coming days and weeks it will lend Luongo’s thesis a lot of credibility.


Yea it’s either front running or this is the key point IMHO in that link:

If Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is smart he will not take advantage of the paralysis and vacuum at the top of the U.S. political system as led by the Olden Girls and make a move on Taiwan. He should just do nothing and let Davos’ plans to get the two countries to fight fall flat. That would honestly be the best possible outcome at this point.

It sure would. The concept is the Trump faction, knew this and have worked accordingly…“if you know the source”, as Trump said during one WH presser.


It sure would be the best possible outcome if there isn’t a major military escalation over Taiwan in the near future but I don’t think Luongo considers the strong probability that the ‘Davos crowd’ have done their homework and have calculated on the need of Xi to avoid showing what would be perceived as a lack of willingness to take advantage of a golden opportunity to annex Taiwan, which is viewed in China as restoring the territorial integrity of the country, in order to keep the more hawkish elements in the CCP from replacing him.


I’m revising that and saying I’d fight John Stewart, because 1) he’s alive and 2) he’s pure evil. His is the charismatic face designed to sell-out an entire generation so that they have no escape route, no counter culture.
Stewart is the opposite of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor. He’s not going to jail for being subversive, he’s the one telling us we should be in jail for not towing the party line.
He’s the guy who led the way to political correctness as orthodoxy by setting the table for the rest of the shitlibs to enforce after he left the scene. And here we are today.



Pentagon without flags


US Military Training in US cities

It a collection of footage. Some of this footage is historical, during Trumps first term. The Wells Fargo pickup is in there.


Nothing new here. Its been going on for as long as I can remember. Large scale civil defense exercises, military in civilian setting, were wound down with the end of the Cold War after more than 30 years of regular large scale exercises. They were pretty much like the large scale NATO exercises you’d see in West Germany in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Went on for days.

Since then they are usually much smaller scale and more localized single ops. Like the Chinooks landing in downtown LA one night last year. Or the flight of USM Sea Stallions doing a coast run all the way up from Pendelton. You felt them long before you saw them. I have see a genuine Black Helicopter doing something that looked like an exercise. Not just flying about. It looked just like the one that crashed in Abbottabad. They are very very black.


Believe it’s close to a few Trump Family residences.



IZ ALiEnZ n0w!!!

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This is extremely reassuring :upside_down_face:


Hitting more mainstream sites now…

Tweeted today

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What about the “Trump is the first arrest” rumour? Shock the world etc etc … I’m sure I posted that at the time, a few weeks possibly months ago.


Angela Nangle view



Haitian President assassinated.

Clean up Op?


Hard to know - glancing on line there’s been ongoing violence for a while.

But no vaccinations yet.



First thing I thought of


From what it looks like there is only Lukaszenko left. Ooo he’ll be hard to get rid off. Sweden is playing the same contranarrative as Florida and Texas. Just theatre.


Yea but what happens when Trump makes the come back of the millennia? :ninja: