"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



Knew Ed Buck was a big Democrat / Clinton donor.

Did not know he was also apparently an elector?


Yes he was an elector. Thats how much the LA and California Dem Party covered up for him. That was in 2016, when it was very well known that Buck drugged, raped, tortured and killed young men. I’m trying to remember when the first escaped tortured victim got any media coverage. I think about 2007.

There again Harvey Milk was a sexual predator who raped run away kids and yet he is consider a politic deity by the Democratic Party. They even named a school after him. A few blocks from where he used to prey on and rape the runaways.


Cuomo and now Pelosi? :thinking:


Emergency Alert System Test - Today

Release Date:

June 11, 2021

WASHINGTON – FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) this summer.

The national test will consist of two portions, testing WEA and EAS capabilities. Both tests will begin at 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 11.


Well, She IS 81, should have retired years ago!


But she is the money lady. She directly controls the collection and distribution of several hundred million in party “donations”.

The last House Speaker election makes no sense unless you follow the money. Thats why her Dem Party opponents failed. They dont have direct access to so much hot money and the means to efficiently distribute it to their political “friends”.


The WEA part of the test seems to be delayed until today, August 12th?


What this all about eh?


The guy is just some heath care industry government bureaucrat. He was they guy they brought in when the ObamaCare website collapsed. It kinda worked after a while. But still did not work very well. Since then he has moved from one government healthcare bureaucratic post to another. So a DC Swap Person. A career bullshit artist.

I would not take him seriously. They might have kidna accurate annual flu shot records but the COVID vaccine roll out was such an organizational cluster fuck in most states there are only limited records of who got what. I’d be surprised if they have accurate records on more than 30% of vaccine shots given. And that would be mostly just those who got it though their health insurance providers.

Then there is the fact that whatever they try to roll out it will be trivial to fake. Lots of very accurate information out there already. Lots of people in the health care system who dont go along with the bullshit.


I am seeing the picture on the left a lot more often in mainstream SoMe. Been circulating a while, but a lot more often now.

This one was from twitter!


Not him.


Not sure if was mention elsewhere but it turns out Biden cannot be remove via the 25’th and Kamala cant be prez that way.

This train-wreck will run and run for the Dem Party. Until Biden is gone. Based on the amount of aggressive leaking that is going on and the total non entity who is currently WH Chief of Staff (a DNC gofer type) .

So it looks like the worst case scenario for the Dem Party and the Swamp is for Biden to go on living. Biden is too stupid to get the hint and retire due to ill health. The best case scenario is for some “white supremacists” to take him out. The ultimate false flag.

Whats interesting is the TLA leaks against Biden. They sure hated Trump and his trying to take away their toys but in the last week I get a sense that the TLA’ s are genuinely scared that Biden is going to actually collapse the whole structure through senile incompetence. So one way or another Bidens days are numbered.


Would her birth come up again? I know she was born in Cali, but some websites say her parents weren’t citizens at the time. So would it be a point of friction/division, even if not a valid one?


If he resigns instead of being taken out by the 25th, what would the other options for the President or restructuring be?


I assumed the plan was to keep him alive/cognisant for two years to not make it so blatant and allow his replacement(s) run for another two terms but it appears his rapid decline has thrown a spanner in the works. Whatever treatments and conditioning they were pumping him with and the forced exertion to get through the campaign could even have hastened the onset. If people think this kind of machination isn’t possible, never forget the three most powerful men in America almost 50 years ago didn’t have a single vote between them:


She’s natural born. Thats how all the Mexican anchor babies work. In some schools in LA up to half of the “American citizen” children have parents who illegals.


Based on what happened this week he has had a breakdown. All public engagements canceled and he is going back to Delaware. So that he can “sleep in his own bed”. I remember people complaining about Regan in 1987 and 1988 about the obvious decline over three or four years before. But Regan survived an assassination attempt that almost killed him. In fact it would have killed less stubborn people. And Regan in 1988 could still field and unscripted long interview with news anchors. Biden in 2016 was still functional but a shadow of Senator Biden of 20 years ago. Biden two days ago was some sad old guy in an advanced stage of dementia.

This is Regan aged 76…totally unedited… dealing with a bunch of news anchors who always gave him a hard time.

This is Biden aged 78 in a very heavily edited puff piece “interview” by a Democratic Party media operative. Even the “transcribt” was edited.


One internetz rumour is that he’s had a stroke… that was posted on the 16th.

Some of the Biden appearances lately look like an actors anyway. Also look at pictures of Biden & comparé from 10 years ago. That takes a lot of surgery (not unusual I know), or something else…



He’s turning orange too, apparently :tangerine:


Aw… someone lost his Emmy…

Ironic as he’s probably a better actor than governor.