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he got the whole world in his La Palma.
he got the whole world in his La Palma.
he got the whole world in his La Palma.
he got the whole world in his La Palma.

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Interesting that the Jewish author who takes a dig at his interviewee’s conservative Catholicism has come up with his “own” theory that tallies almost perfectly with St Augustine’s interpretation of the decline of the Roman Republic.

My theory is this: The wealth of any empire flows disproportionately to the capital, where it nourishes the growth, wealth, and power of the ruling elite. As the elite grows richer and more powerful, the gulf between the rulers and the ruled widens, until the beliefs and manners of the elite bear little connection to those of their countrymen, whom they increasingly think of as their clients or subjects. That distance creates resentment and friction, in response to which the elite takes measures to protect itself. The more wealth and power the elite controls, the more insulation it must purchase. Disastrous mistakes are hailed as victories or are made to appear to have no consequences at all, in order to protect the aura of collective infallibility that protects ruling class power and privilege.

What happens next is pretty much inevitable in every time and place—Spain, France, Great Britain, Moghul India, you name it: Freed from the laws of gravity, the elite turns from the hard work of correct strategizing and wise policymaking to the much less time-consuming and much more pleasant work of perpetuating its own privileges forever, in the course of which endeavor the ruling elite is revealed to be a bunch of idiots and perverts who spend their time prancing around half naked while setting the territories they rule on fire.

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OK. Now we are veering into the seriously deranged territory. It may become not 1968 but 1861 very quickly…

So the uptake rate among the military has been so low that the Administration started threatening that all refusals to get vaccinated would be an automatic dishonorably discharge. Now this is a really big deal. Fucking incredible. A dishonorably discharge is in many ways worse than a felony criminal record. Not just stripped of all military pension, benefits etc no matter how long you served but almost all civilian benefits in the future are removed too. Plus owing a firearm is prohibited, bank loans / credit unobtainable and in some states stripped of right to vote.

The people in the Democratic Party have given up on false flags, it looks like they want a full scale shooting war by the look of it. Large parts of the military have already been gutted by retirements, resignations but we have now reached the stage where it seem whole special forces units have told the chain of command no deal. Already large numbers have left to go private.

The people in the military taking the vax are overwhelmingly the non specialist non combat jobs. The just working for a paycheck people. The people who do the fighting, the combat troops and the combat specialist, are the ones that are either leaving or refusing.

As for all the Afghans they have stuck on the military bases. Overwhelmingly males, maybe 3% have SIV visas, and there have already been multiple rape cases / attempts in the last few weeks. At least one of a female US soldier. Turns out that most of the long term interpreters used by the US military in Afghanistan were US nationals, recent immigrants from the region. Very few were Afghan locals. There are 70K Afghans in the Bay Area alone. And the few locals used over the years were SIV’ed out long ago. The vast majority of the people you saw a few weeks ago who might have legitimate claims were almost all working for NGO’s. Not the US military. There was a huge western NGO industry in Afghanistan. Many $ billions p.a

And now Biden is so senile his handlers have to crash a press conference interrupting the head of a foreign country mid sentence to prevent Biden having to interact in any way with an unscripted press question. Its has reached the stage where the utterly supine propaganda MSM journalists covering the WH lodged a formal complaint about the situation. Which never happened even at the tensest moments during Iran Contra with Reagan.



@jmc any idea if this is/looks legit?




Probably legit. I’ll check. Ft Hood is Air Cavalry mainly so lots and lots of helicopter pilots. Who carry a shit load of munitions.

It seems the anti mandate revolt is just getting going. Once the traitor general (as they are now known) started threatening dishonorable discharges the enlisted said, fine, they we demand an Article 32 hearing for our cases. As is their right. A Military Grand Jury. Each single case would need very serious legal resources and if the top brass try to subvert the process the enlisted people can go to the civil courts for redress.

The clusterfuck just gets bigger and bigger. It sounds like the Navy SEALs are ready to walk en mass and by the sound of it a lot of specialist units as well.

Another data point is ICU’s in quite a few California cities are on the point of collapse due to vaccine mandates. By this stage they are totally dependent on contract specialist nurses to say open but so many nurses are saying no, we can just as easily get work in non mandate states, that there are critical shortages of staff. None of this is being reported by the local media. Just spinning stories of ICU capacity being overwhelmed. Pretending its due to a surge in COVID cases. Not the vaccine mandates causing nurses and medical specialist to chose work in no mandates states. The situation in care homes is even worse.


Yep lots of refusing in hospitals and military has been common anecdotal evidence online for a few weeks, complete divisive to the core:


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Nope, it’s an itty bitty flying microchip…



Not in flying form, perhpas one to watch.

#URGENT: US Air Force surveillance aircraft declaring emergency situation onboard #Oklahoma Pilots have squawked 7700 meaning the aircraft is experiencing an undisclosed emergency. The aircraft is a Boeing E-3B and is near Oklahoma City. More details as it becomes available!

#UPDATE: US Air Force Surveillance Aircraft rapidly decreased altitude after declaring emergency onboard - The exact emergency onboard is currently unknown - The aircraft has now rapidly increased speed and has shifted direction to the north

Src: https://twitter.com/IntelPointAlert/status/1442982982071959554


Down memory lane…

Look who was working in the ER on the day of the Boston marathon bombing, and got interviewed by Jake Tapper…


Mocking Bird Media - Mocking the masses for decades.


So… Babylon Bee are making videos now!


Might be something.

Might be absolutely nothing!


No loss. No Such Agency has it all.



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