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Yeup. Looks like someone really screwed up the routing tables.


One angle is FB lost remote access to their routers, so they either screwed or malicious actors had their way (could also be state auto, military) but physical access required to fix.

'Course it could still be the Russians!


So, post on twitter is saying Facebook isn’t just down, that it’s gone…


Also that employees can’t enter the building.


Zuck losing billions…



I see some IP’s come online for FB & WhatsApp domains.


WhatsApp still down for me. Maybe Zuckerberg spoke out of turn at the last Masters of the Universe meeting and is getting put back in his box…
Out of interest, if Facebook has been vaporised somehow, that’s an Irish black swan event… There will be chaos.


The establishment in Ireland or Menace regime only exist because of menace assets such as FB & G, yesterdays news should only validate and confirm how the game and the plan.

Suddenly there are maybe nylons of folks who need a place to go, the languishing forum of the internet woudl happily take a %of that traffic right now! :wink:





Sucker Berg on J… tube.
… and back on.


Also published Oct 4, 2021


Archived reddit thread: https://archive.is/QvdmH


The gory details…


Although the real culprits are a bunch of PhD’s who thought they could automate the process using ML…

There is a very good reason why in 25 plus years this process was never “automated”. If you really what to fuck things up, hire a large bunch of PhD’s. You can see their system collapse 10x realtime in this animation…


Thats a classic route optimization collapse solution. Anyone who has dealt with mesh servers will be familiar with this beginners mistake. This aint something you can “train” TensorFlow to solve.


How does she compare to this guys interview?

NSFW (audio) - Horrific subject matter.


FBI blending in to observe those hotbeds of terrorist activity… the local School Board meetings…



Bizarre. Boris does two videos.

Build back batter.

Then build back butter.

Spliced together here.


Edited to link to third video, which looks like it was the first. He’s drinking a pint of bitter.



These dudes were pictured few weeks ago at some other staged event. Just cannot remember what it was. The sunglasses are the same and they use th he same barber.


Pride planning group?


Batter down - Butter up - Bitter pill
All part of that strange ‘implied consent’ that the freemasons have.


If you want to know (and I fully understand why you may not wish to) what freemasons look like, look no further. Pathetic.


It’s called photoshop my good man!


Yes! The September rally :sunglasses::clown_face:! Other photos & memes are further up in the thread, around post 510 or so.