"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



I think Trump was originally due to speak at 11 though, but went on late, and finished late?


The Quad Trillion Gazillion dollar question… Ha ha :icon_lol: @jmc got there before me with a better reply.

The scriptwriters have done an excellent job of keeping it under wraps till the season finale with competing realities.

I have seen things, here and there, but as others like to tell you, people see what they want to, so if I told you what I have seen, you would probably not believe - the best thing then is to observe (easier said than done) and see if you believe your eyes over the lies, but how to discern the truth from the lies!

In the end if you can not trust yourself, who can you trust?



This more or less exact point was made in the OP of this thread via the quoted letter, the implication is that Trump admin, knew and acted accordingly.


Maybe real this time?


It appears to be and here posted a few words, key words, on his way to that speech (Video Here)


Nancy has skipped school for a second day running. :ninja:

9:00:42 AM

The Speaker designated the Honorable Diana DeGette to act as Speaker pro tempore for today.

Src: https://live.house.gov



Posted on January 11, 2021 at 4:05 pm.

Written by City of Alamo

Information is being circulated that appears to indicate that President Trump will be making his way to the City of Alamo during his visit to the Rio Grande Valley. The City of Alamo’s City Commission and City Administration has NOT been officially contacted regarding this visit and therefore, have NO DETAILS regarding his itinerary. We are currently receiving many phone calls and emails regarding the President’s visit but as you can see we cannot comment any further. Regarding any potential protests or support for the President, we ask that all demonstrations are
peaceful and respectful towards our law enforcement personnel and our surrounding communities. Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.

Src: https://alamotexas.org/for-immediate-release/


45 mins… and counting.


Is Live


Trump’s just an old boomer who wanted to be left alone to grill and shit-post on Twitter.


Diversion or all over? Wheres Nancy?


“Did you tell the Capitol police to stand down? Did you tell them to stand down… answer the question!”


Trump said Biden administration, perhaps the closest we will get to a concession. Conspiracy nuts hoping for an eleventh hour, Deus ex machina that sees the election being turned over are going to be left bitterly disappointed.

Seems pretty clear that Trump has every intention of going again in 2024. Everything between now and 2024 will be about maintaining his support base. The Republican party are going to have a serious challenge in keeping him out given he will still retain huge personal support. I wonder will the party go along with impeachment to nip his challenge in the bud. Will be fascinating to watch regardless.


First Mexico had blackout due to a fire Dec 30th. There was recently a massive blackout in Pakistan, then rumours of one in the Vatican a few nights ago but not sure that was true or confirmed, but what do ya know - now there are reports of major blackouts in Iran.

NEW - Major power outages reported in multiple cities in Iran.



If they do, that doesn’t explain the hurry. He can be impeached after he leaves office.


Power blackouts in Pakistan are as common as trains arriving on time!
They simply don’t have the capacity to generate sufficient power to provide a reliable supply.

In more and more places they’re allowing the generating capacity to fall down closer to consumption thus leaving less spare capacity, these outages are likely to become more frequent in the future.


Mitch McConnell now welcomes Impeachment proceedings. It would help “purge the party” of Trump…
Like I said above, just like rats, they will feed on him. GOP want rid. He’s fooled them once but they will make sure he won’t again.


The Republicans don’t really need to worry about Trump, the Biden regime will probably have him locked up, Mitch should be worried about who comes after Trump, I’d say a majority of Republican voters know politicians like McConnell and Romney ect hate them, the next “Trump” might be far worse from Mitch’s POV


The body language was very interesting. I think they have war-gamed their options and given the terrible potential outcomes if he doubles up his bet on the table so I think he has decided to fold on this particular game. To play another day. Maybe. I suspect someone has had the “They will kill you if they have to, Donald” talk with him.

I have zero doubt that both Pelosi or Schumer would not think twice about ordering forces under their (indirect) control to open fire on unarmed protestors if push came to shove. They would make it happen. Its not so much the potential of massacres of unarmed protestors that is the decider to fold its the much more real probability the some or all the forces would refuse the order to open fire. Or one part would clash with the other who followed orders. Up to one third of the Capitol Police were openly sympathetic to the MAGA people inside the Capitol building it seems. The numbers would be far worse with the National Guard or regular units. Add then the fact that the protestors would soon arm up. They have all the guns and know how to use them.

We are now getting uncomfortably close to Fort Sumter territory. If you read the day to day unfolding of the events during the five month beforehand it is a very sobering read.

Having watch very closely Pelosi in action for 35 years and Schumer for more than 20 I have absolutely no doubt they are the worst sort of scumbag corrupt politicians imaginable. They will put holding onto to their political power at any cost above all else. The really do not give a fuck about anything else. Most certainly not their country, the Constitution, or its people. Remember Pelosi’s first political mentor was the single biggest political enabler of Jim Jones. Which tells you everything you need to know about her.

This is about power pure and simple. One thing I am certain is that Trump loves his country a damn sight more than who he is up against. A damn sight more. So I expect him to fold.

He may have lost this battle but the Dems have lost the war. Almost one half of the electorate outright hate them in a way the country has not seen in a 150 years. Back when the Democrats and the Klan were synonymous. When you have 80% of Reps, 40% of Independent and even over 20% of Democratic voters believing that the voting system and the democratic process has been fundamentally perverted this is not going to end well.

For a start every single Democratic public representative from now who gets elected in any competitive district will be seen as illegitimate. They only won because of fraud. This may have been true in a lot of districts for a long time but now it is completely out in the open.

The Democratic leadership are outright threatening bloodshed by this stage. And I have no doubt they will make it happen if they have too. They did not think twice about using and modulating the BLM riots last year which destroyed so many neighborhoods in so many cities. And killed dozens. And when they started seeing the riots losing them votes they had them shut down. Pronto. So why would they give a fuck about ordering the shooting of protestors, shredding the Constitution and bringing the foundations of Republic into total disrepute.

It was never like this with Tip O’Neil. Even during Iran-Contra. And he was no pushover. Far from it. Hard as nails. The Democratic Party really has fallen a very very long way and I see no way out of the corner they have painted themselves into.


Today Pompeo tweeted about Iran only, for. e.g.

The foreign policy blob constantly looks for a moderate inside the Iranian regime who will “normalize relations.” The reality is you have a better chance finding a unicorn.