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Ghislaine’s co-defendants…

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

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Being considered for deletion or cancellation eh. :thinking:


Archived link; https://archive.md/WCeeK


Whats interesting is that a legitimate and reasonable article has been deliberately disrupted in the last year by some Italian kid in Southern Italy who is a self described anarchist and whose edits are the usual pseudo intellectual ramblings of some unemployed Italian university graduate in a small city in the middle of nowhere. No doubt still living with his parents. Based on his intellectual and political pretensions his parents are probably professionals. Like doctors etc. These people are always real dick heads in person. I’ve know a few.



… back in the day things meant something… :icon_beer: :icon_beer: :icon_beer: :icon_beer: :icon_beer:


Tracking resignations?



Early reports as yet for this one…


Link to the tweet video, in case it get deleted from twatter.


If that’s all true…


Who knows, so yes it is early reports and reports / emerging information may change :woman_shrugging:

One to watch though?


Sentence or two on what he claimed, anybody?


AFAIK he’s a chemist with experience on graphene & was talking about graphene & vaccines.


Razor blades at nano scale, shooting around your vascular system shredding it to bits.

He’s basically swapped the cause of what Bhakdi was terrified by, that same observable phenomenon he claims is caused by an entirely mechanical explanation, physical weapon for the crime.

Its utterly fucking horrific if true. It is a most diabolical weapon.


Will look up so


So Parag Agrawal is taking over at twitter. Various accounts are saying he may be even more censorious than Jack…


He must really be a nasty backstabbing bastard. He has some glorified internships at other places but he has only really worked at Twitter. After a basically - f*ck, thats all, - Doctorate at Stanford. Made CTO in 5 years after graduating. Which says it all.

Whats really interesting is that the India press seems to know nothing about his family. Unlike all the other Indian tech CEO’s. But he went to school at a special school for the kids of people who work for the Indian Atomic Research Dept and it looks like there is someone with his (albeit common surname) who is a researcher in the most interesting part of what is suppose to be a civilian research organization. Lets just say if you want to find people working on dual use plutonium thats where you would find them. Which might account for the lack of family information. If no serious background info about the family turns up in the Indian press in the near future then thats probably the reason.


Let not get distracted here - online whooping’ that NASDAQ suspend trading on twitter, can anyone config deny ,disclose tv is the source on this one?

Did I mention the Q clock, ah, sure let’s not go there. :wink:


CondeMonkeyZ has insinuated Jacks a steppin’ down is to do with the Maxwell case that started today.


I always thought Dorsey was more of a tech-bro chancer who got lucky unlike the sociopathic megalomaniacs who head up the other big firms. Maybe monetisation is becoming an issue-I know I’ve never even clicked an ad there let alone bought something.


The Agrawal story is getting even more bizarre. No history of stock sales since they went public and no history of vesting / new stock for the last few years. Yet lots of the usual activity from the other senior people. Like the head of engineering. Now unless Agrawal has locked up his options from the start in a derivative / trust setup and has access to fantastic tax lawyers, very unlikely, there is something very strange going on.

So looks more like a junior guy promoted to the top as a bizarre power play by the founder / CEO. Just like Scott MacNealy did with Jonathan Schwartz at Sun. It destroyed Sun as Schwartz is a total non entity and I dont see someone like Agrawal solve the problem that there is no viable monetization strategy for Twitter. There is no valuable personal information to sell. Which is all Facebook etc do.


Saw that - lines up. Chance of that 1/60.