Buckle UP! - The next 12 days and beyond 💥

Interesting-Windsor is where they bury royals. Are they going to be preparing for a mid-February funeral when they finally take her body off the slab it’s been laying on for the last couple of months?

Maybe when this topics post count hits 666, we’ll know… five more to go! :icon_beer:

This a a great overview of the current US electorate and their view. Pew, as usual, have done a great job. They have been the only consistently non partisan source of hard data over the decades.

A very fair minded survey of the current scene. The one interesting fact is that those who are loudest in Twitter Cancel mobs etc, the Outsider Left, have one of the the lowest actual participation rates. The bitch and scream loudly online but cannot be arsed to actually cast a ballot.

Both parties have always been Big Tent Parties. With no group in each party accounting for more than one third of current support. With the Independents in the middle between both parties being about 15%/20% of the electorate.

The only big change in the last 40 years is the almost complete loss of the white working class support for the Dem Party. Thats why there is almost no center and conservative Dem supporters any more. They were a solid 25% of the party base 50 or 60 years ago.

:no_mouth::clown_face: UNEARTHED FOOTAGE Reveals MI Dem Gov Gretchen Whitmer Bragging About, and Leading An Insurrection Inside MI Capitol Building…

Speaking of which…


Seen elsewhere :clown_face:

I’d be careful about always saying ‘Fed!’
You have to ask Cui Bono?
Who benefits from the constant reinforcement to white people: there’s no point trying to organize to oppose the regime. We’ve infiltrated everything. If you show any In-Group preference we label you White Supremacists. And if you notice others in-Group preference you’re an anti-semite. Just stay home and grill.

The regime benefits from demoralization.

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True but CointelPro, controlled opposition & the like have always been around. So yes, it is a good question as to why the memes are doing the rounds now I guess. I didn’t make them, just saw them posted elsewhere.

Interesting video but I’ve only watched the first 50 minutes or so as yet…
So far touches on corporate law (notices of fault & default), governments as occupying belligerant forces, maritime law & rules of warfare & the Freeman movement…




Is it?

Concrete wall going up around the WH right now. Make of that what you will.

Src: https://twitter.com/B_W3T/status/1481386270819557376

JUST IN - Britain’s Prince Andrew loses military titles and patronages amid sex abuse lawsuit, Buckingham Palace has announced.


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Oh yea…

Confirmation of CNN report from White House(and Pentagon also confirmed) “We have info that indicates Russia has already pre positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine”, -



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Something like this…

Cui bono…

Putin and the Russian media have already made a big deal about “protecting” ethnic Russians in Ukraine. He gave them all Russian citizenship recently. Whether they asked for it or not. All terribly Sudetenland by the sound of it. Last week the Duma was full of people screaming about the supposed genocide of Russians in Ukraine.

This script has played before.

Hey what the hell is this, having more than one passport is a bad thing now, why was I not told

I wonder, how many passports does Zelensky have ?

When its all over I suspect the comedian will be back in his own country laughing at the fools who died fighting for him, same as it ever was


Tonga is a Buckle Up, cause Norway.

Undersea internet cables damaged in the Tonga region, but very recently so too have cables been damaged in Norway.

Undersea internet cable in Norway mysteriously damaged; Povides unique support to polar-orbiting satellites; 2 days after UK defence chief said Russian submarines threatening network of internet cables


They’re out blaming the Russians again…

Fiji is near the Tonga location too.

I saw you posted the video of the pre-eruption “flash” in Tonga in the other thread.

Wonder will Valentia have a malfunction?



Does not say training mission, just says mission…

Previous Metals now doing what they do last couple of days.

At least 10,000 personnel, 140 warships and 60 aircraft will participate in the exercises of the Russian Navy in January-February in all areas of responsibility of the fleets, Russian Defense Ministry.


Flotilla Of Russian Landing Ships Has Entered The English Channel

Evidence mounts that the six landing ships are ultimately headed toward the Black Sea and possible action against Ukraine.

Flotilla Of Russian Landing Ships Has Entered The English Channel

Nasdaq and BTC both a bucklin’

BTC is at 36K USD

Meanwhile, Gold/Silver appear to hold their own, having rallied a little the last few days.